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I Can Tell Lyrics

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I Can Tell Lyrics

You ain’t lookin’ for no one
You just like to lead them on
Yeah i can tell
You haven’t felt anything real in so long
Yeah i can tell
Thought you had it figured out for so long
Nowadays you can’t tell
Like would everything just go to plan like we wish
Yes only time will tell

Do you feel it how i feel
Do you feel it in the air still?
Cause lately i don’t feel real (oh-oh)
They tellin’ me this time heals
But lately this time still
There’s more fake than this real (oh, oh)
Was it here, was it ever therе, i don’t really care
Roll it up, two pack in the air, doin’ what wе can
Bitches stare while that man glare, i dont even care
Pullin’ up in a new McLaren in the air (ah)
If you need me now, baby hold me closely
These days, i don’t think these people really know me
Stayin’ out the way, I’ve been moving low key (oh)
No, no, no
No, no no no no no

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