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[Intro: luvwillow]
Just one more hit please
I really need this
Please do not look at me
My body feels so weak
I crave it so bad
My new addiction
I don’t wanna die
I’m so conflicted

[Verse 1: luvwillow]
I’m not getting the help I need
Everything is so dark, everyone’s out for me
I crave you, like you’re my favorite drug
Medication doesn’t work, I think I’ve had enough
Eyes watching, voices calling
Life descending into madness, die falling
Head empty, you’re so tempting
I need this, your pure bliss
{Chorus: luvwillow]
I love it when you control me
Medicine and pharmacies, they tell me prophecies
Bullet in my head, bullet in my head
Bury me in designer, when i’m dead
Bloody DC Shoes
Please don’t make me choose
My wrist bleeds red, just for you
Yeah, i’m famous online
I still wanna die
Yeah I’m famous online
I just wanna die[Verse 2: Gothlovee]
O.D. in the nightclub
I want all this drama
Pretty li’l homicide
I feel like a monster
Spinning in these Pradas
I’m a ballerina
Skinny, it’s like do or die, I’m a fucking zero
I’m a fucking dime piece
You’re so fat and ugly
Go and take some Xannies
I can’t cry, I’m pretty
I don’t care, i dont eat
I got fucking E.D
You can never be like me
In the 90’s
I got fucking tight jeans
Slit your wrists so nicely
Jesus Christ and G.O.D
Will you ever love me?
Please just come and kill me
Love Illuminati
[Outro: Gothlovee]
I’m a celebrity, come and kill me
I’m so pretty
I’m so pretty

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