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Area Of Effect Lyrics

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Area Of Effect Lyrics

[Intro: Tha God Fahim]
Haha… what happened to you?
I’m still goin’, I still got gas
You burnt out already?
Uh, uh

[Verse 1: Tha God Fahim]
I’ll make the scene horrific
One call away, you wanna be specific
You never know your full potential if you never risk it
Without assistance, I’m nothin’ short of the word “terrific”
I’m futuristic, me and Craven give you somethin’ mystic
You got me twisted if you think I’m missin’ out on riches
It’s bread and biscuits, yeah, these dollars quick to fill my britches
What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is yours, you gotta pay attention
Some people love to spread hate, then play the victim
I’m winnin’ sweepstakes on you chеapskates, uh
[?], footwear, Bathing Ape, uh
Cop еstates, then hop to different states, uh
Penetrate, horsepower on interstate
I demonstrate, blow gas when I ventilate
I’m the real deal, some just emulate, imitate
I renovate; I zoom in on target, then I eliminate
Squeeze lemons ’til it’s lemonade
Forged by fire while other rappers Minute Maid
I tried to change, but I can’t, ’cause I’m a renegade
It’s King Fah, back again with the facts, and
Maxin’ out on stacks, you cats get the MAC-10
[Verse 2: Jay NiCE]
Uh, uh
I’m back with Breadrick Douglas, the heavy dumpers
Do this shit every summer
I’m with a Donna Summer in a Hummer
She workin’ hard to get the money, baby wolfin’ like Eddie Munster
She my secretary, doin’ Ugly Betty numbers
Fly talk at it’s finest, don’t do the Hyatt
We only coppin’ seven-star rooms with pools inside it
We kill the competition, the doors? We suicide ’em
The engine sound just like a roar, while you be lyin’
Pinocchio nose, you spoked, I watched it grow
My Rolls remained part of the show, I got the glow
The flows rocked the globe; headshot, your top explode
Hardbody; you soft in the soul like Dr. Scholl’s
The Shot Clock Kings puttin’ numbers on the board
Comin’ with the force; every city want us for the tour
If this was ’98, I’d make the cover of The Source
Fresh, in a jail pose and a [?], you know? (East side, east side, east side, east side)

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