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Devilish Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Devilish Lyrics.

Devilish Lyrics

[Verse 1: SlySoul]
All the shit that
You’ve been tellin’ me
Are lies and you jus’ trynna plead me guilty
The only one god that
I’m still praisin’
Loaded pistols
That I’ve been raisin’
Sinful flags
That I’ve been flamin’
Wreckin the games
That y’all been playin’
Spittin’ rhymes
Explainin shit is
Just amazing mane
Like climbin’ up a crane
Got homies all up on my frame
Thinkin’ ’bout the past
Makes me faint
But fuck it mane
Thats just my fate
Hope I get pass before
They close the gate
And I hope I ain’ too late
And I hope-
And I hope I ain’ too late
[Verse 2: SlySoul]
My mind’s not on money in filled casеs
Went through fuckers
With racist faces
Rippin’ thеir veins apart
Like some Jordan laces
Came from a place where you
Searched for the lower prices
And for years you get no prizes
Just some slices on yo’ skin
You trynna get out and win
All this pressure throughout the years
Is my hair-color all that they fear
Acted like a cactus hurtin’
Everything that comes in near
All they cared about
Was my aggressive tounge
The cryin’ kid inside me was the
One they could not hear ho’

[Verse 3: SlySoul]
Watch my corpse get sweaty when I sing
All this realisation
Made my dreams sink
Matured off pain so
Everytime I deeply think
They forget the damage they’ve did
So I have to reminisce
Rejected peace and preferred to be devilish
I’ve been burnin’ all of the old images
Wanderin’ through satanic villages
All they ask is “Why is Triple S has to be so 666?”
Cuz y’all killed the passion inside me
So the only stupid word that’s on my mind is

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