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No competition Remble Remix Lyrics

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No competition Remble Remix Lyrics

[Duffy]Verse 1

Keep it real i ain’t seeing no competition
You in the field bro but you ain’t playing my position
Got some M’s now bitches out here acting different
Any nigga tryna step, then im gladly trippin
Spent the night with a blower makin bad decisions
We gave that man a whole warning but he never listened
Had to do him so sick, what a tragic ending
Drop an awful lotta hundreds, bitch im barely spending
Ain’t no chillin. Till im fucking off a hundred plus
N*ggas out here winning i can settle for no runner up
Off the Muscle at her party, she in love with us
I got a blower n*gga, don’t bе on no funny stuff
Strapped up like a n*gga finna bungee jump
Cause not a lotta n*ggas makе it where im coming from
That n*gga looking drunk as fuck throwing Upper cuts
That n*gga shoulda took the sign when he dropped the Blunt
Boxer n*gga say he wanna fight, can he duck a gun?
Yea i be outside all night, i don’t fuck with Bums
Told that buster this my life, Bitch it ain’t for fun
If we see you with that ice you gon tuck it huh?
We gon bust a bag or what?, add it count Sum it up
Play wit us he dumb as fuck, he still Alive? He Lucky Huh?
Try to press me with that knife, i had fuck him up
Remember all them Days when n*gga only had a couple Bucks
Too tough really worth a mill so im tooled up
Had to put the hammer on his noggin, n*gga screwed up
Who what? Don’t care bitch im tryna move up
One n*gga blew it and he got his whole group touched
True shit had his main bitch like who dis? i do shit who?
Got it in the bag cause it’s too big, i snoop shit
Doggy with his bitch on some smoove shit
Handle business remble we gon meet you up at Ruth Chris[Bluepesos]Verse 2He tried to go against the muscle he a Risk taker
Taking rides in his whip but i ain’t a hitch hiker
Neutralizing n*ggas Homies like the Equalizer
10th wood in the stu i can’t get no higher
Custom kicks on my feet, you cannot buy em
N*ggas speakin on that mission, told him keep Quiet
Big n*ggas with a beer man i hate Vikings
N*ggas always tryna pop it with them. Man
Off the muscle for the win, i told coach put me in
N*gga on my line bout a bitch, im on these dividends
But after that i slide through and come be a participant
First time Linkin, let me hit, she ain’t innocent
A n*gga step wrong, fuck his Bitch and that’s Equivalent
He said that’s not me, that’s my sister what the difference is
She’s tryna take a n*gga soul, show me what the business is
N*ggas say they shooting poles but hanging with the witnesses
My last bitch i fucked it up, these n*ggas finna run from somethin
Buckle and shut it up off the muscle comin up
We on n*gga Bet it up, too Cold to be a buster n*gga
Pressure i ain’t gon let up, on God n*ggas Fed up
These weak n*gga makin it, Riding Round and Bape this
Your baby mama shakin it, you know she can’t take dick
My House where the Training is
Your big brother bang you do not why you claiming it?
Off the muscle shit talker bitch no mistaking it
I ain’t seeing no competition
You in the field bro but you ain’t playing my position
I ain’t seeing no competition
You in the field bro but you ain’t playing my position

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