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Cold!! Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Cold!! Lyrics.

Cold!! Lyrics

Rot deep to the MF core
Had a million excuses; you had more
Counting commas
Imma keep it coming honest
Double digits
Steady swishing on opponents

Praying for my downfall
That’ll be your final fantasy
Slaying pussy properly
I put the pro in product
So robotic while y’all obsolete
A part of me is torn between a rock and a hard place
Fuck it
Imma liar
Imma cheater
But my pitch is picture perfect
Derek Jeter
Bitch this isn’t want you want or need either
You was talking all that shit
No one believed ya
Now it’s too late
You got me fucked up
Thinking I could never live without your love but
You know it takes one to know one
We all suck
But some of us know how to boss upI really don’t give a mother fuck
I never could pretend
Like I ever did
These bitches come and go
But money is forever
You can’t keep your soulWhy you gotta be so cold?
Cold!!Cause and affect your spawning temper
Mass in effect
Go dig that grave
Gnashing and fucking ashing a brain
Tap tap tap
Grow, wither, and rot away
No way
Your rope of guilts down to the last string
Shame ain’t shit when your not afraid
A billion dissenters so we’re the insane
Don’t you MF know it’s sent from the bottom of your heartless soulless pit?Imma Art attack
Imma sharpened blade
Imma bark and scrape
Imma carve and scratchImma darkened stain on the carpet bled from the arteries of a garbage manImma bargain shopper of harder ends
Imma gargoyle gripping while the pistol spitsThere ain’t no way out
There ain’t no way in
They already infiltrated
They’re already in your head
Now your locked in sight
Off your rocker again
In their pocket; drenched and your sopping sweat
Will you pull
And pull
And pull the trigger; go
Will you pull
And pull
And pull the trigger; go

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