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Fatality Lyrics

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Fatality Lyrics

[Intro: Ay Huncho]
Big sticks for the opps (Hrrr)
Big spliffs for the opps, let’s get it

[Verse 1: Ay Huncho]
Sixty spartan, anything moves in my hood, we charge ’em (Charge ’em)
Gotta pay tax otherwise we spark ’em (Spark ’em)
Stroud town gang, we finish and start ’em, trust me (Baah)
Who’s gone missin’? These boys are joke
Scored no points for the talk ’bout smoke (Ha)
Half your team’s been touched, other half got dipped and choked, pussy (Gang)
Got big machines like wewantwraiths (But we want what?) but we want blood (Ha)
Take that mission, I’ll make it rain (Woo) then let it flood
Window down, I’ll lean out the window and hit that, Ricky (Gang)
Gеt caught at the lights like Biggie (Run)
Likе, who got got in their city? (Pussy)
[Verse 2: NASA NOVA]
It’s time to lurk, tryna do more worse than hurt when I see blood spill on the turf
I ain’t tryna send these men to the nurse, I’m out tryna put their face on shirts
I’ll ride out first then write my verse, I would not rap if I’ve done no work
I don’t wanna hear no chat ’bout cap, they know there is no lie in my words
I ain’t tryna run no chat on tracks, we really drill opps or we let that slap
[?] loco, can say that’s facts or ask YP if you think that’s cap[Verse 3: Ay Huncho & NASA NOVA]
Opps get got and put in spliffs, my right hand swing when I catch that snitch
He missed his shots, why you aim at kids?
We will let him live? God forbid
Ay, fuck that side
Get put in a spliff, big G45
They don’t want nothin’, they scared to reply
No cap, get capped, come ride or die
I swear on the gang, sticks for the enemies
Coffee and clips changin’ your energy
Get shot like Hennessy
Who’s real? They’re fake, we’re what they pretend to be
We’re what they pretend to be
We’re feedin’ these dogs, we ain’t dishin’ out pedigree
NASA, I got the remedy
Four, five slugs, we’ll sing ’em a melody
Show opps no empathy
If I jump out the car, I’ll show ’em my specialty ()

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