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SUNNY! Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you SUNNY! Lyrics.

SUNNY! Lyrics

[Verse 1: Zevi]
Bet you won’t see this shit
But I’m going fucking dummy now
Okay like 1 or 2 bitches is all that I ask for
1 or 2 bitches is like all that I ask for
I’ll leave by the backdoor

Explosions make it sunny
Explosions make it sunny
Explosions make it sunny
Take precautions
Better be running now
Bitches acting funny
Bitches acting funny, wow
You got nothing on me
Smoke this za
It makes things sunny, yahAy
I got your momma popping percies, yuh
Got her shaking all that ass
I must be winning
Then she ride my dragon dildo dick
Got her pussy on fire
Holy fuck, holy shit
This situation looking kinda direFuck it I’m done playing
All this money
I wanna be laying in
All this pussy that
I wanna be slaying
I’ll get it with some thoughtful prayingMan this fucking
Fanta tastes like acid
Makes my dick so flaccid
Fuck that bitch then pass
Smoking on za
It got me packing, yuh
[Verse 2: Jupierkami]
I can’t fuck with that bitch
‘Causе she talkin’
From the shadows
Call me oh so crazy
Girl you need mе
Fighting battles
24/7 in my head
Need a raddle
It’s too late for me, yeah
I bit from the appleFinnesin’ the bag
While I fight
I darken my tint
While I flight
I be smokin’ that green
I feel light
Pull like a pimp in this night
We reppin’ this gang
’Cause we hot
And nothing will get us to stop
These niggas some cops
Judy Hopps
I got a me a dog
He like chop
I’ma hit it from the back
’cause I, yeah
They totin’ lotta weapons
Like a mug
They tryna fuck with us
Had enough
I’ma send ’em back to gangy
‘Cause it’s rough
All my bars keep ’em stanky
We from the mud
Got a flash in the blicky
Seeing blood
Call yo bitch for a quicky
I’ma stud
‘Cause they tryna fuck with us
Had enough

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