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Oh yea
What yea

Uh, rockstar shit I was made for this
Got this bad ass hoe no basic bitch
Let her roll my blunts and she making it
And you know I pray to god she ain’t lacing it
Rockstar shit I was made for this
Yea rockstar shit I was made for this
Rockstar shit I was made for this
Real rockstar shit I was made for this
Four thirty five
Yea, yea, yea, yea that’s my ride
I know that we’ve been through a lot
I know that I hurt you sometimes but
Lately I’ve been thinking mostly bout you
I ain’t gone lie but you know that it’s true
Thinking bout you lately you know that I do
What about you yea I hope that you too
Yea yea yea
I miss you so damn much
It’s ok to hit me up
Do it baby there’s no rush
You used to text me everyday
You used to text me every month
Now you don’t wanna call me
Told you many times that I’m sorry[Bridge]
But you don’t care, oh no you don’t[Outro]
All of these bitches and all of these hoes
They just isn’t her yea I already know
This shit hurt a lot, I’m like what the fuck
I’m sliding the beamer this isn’t a truck
You know I get high, you know I go up
You know that I love it when you pour me up
I know you love Deftones you love them so much
That’s why I’m doing this muhfuckin song

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