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W Halo! Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you W Halo! Lyrics.

W Halo! Lyrics

Yuh, huh, yuh, huh (fuuuucckk)
Its ya boi (Who is this?)
Skinny penis!
(Ay, what!) (haha)
(yuh, huh, ay, yuh)
(Fuck You Halo!)

Yuh! Dunkin’ on pussies like I’m Scotty Pippin
That lil boy talkin shit now he went missing (on god!)
I made him meet god, like I’m fuckin’ Christian
Might body that pussy & then I be missing
Chop’ like a fat kid, the way he be fuckin’ rippin’ ass (like yuh, huh)
That bitch givin’ brain in biology, I guess she the smartest in class (That hoe said)
Yo YvngHalo! Lil bitch I said pass
She said that I hit her once, what the fuck? leave that shit in the past
Bitch I do what I want I don’t care if you say so
Aim with a Glock, pussy, with a draco
Hold on a second, W Halo!
Poppin’ a cherry like I fucked a gay hoe (yuh!)
Hold on a second
Yea yo bitch she be gaggin’ & suckin’ (gagging noises)
Lil shawty’ be strokin’ & fuckin’
Give her dick & she said that she love it! (Yuh!)
Bitch, I’m rockin’ a fro like I’m Dayne
Fuck with me once & I leave you in pain
Choppa’ leave you with some blood stains
Hit a lick on yo mustang
Jus like Nike (jus like Nike) bitch I’m making a check
Lil bitch, come & fight me (come & fight me) leave you dead just like the rest (Yuh, yuh)
Dirty spritey’ (dity spritey’) till I can’t feel my fuckin’ chest (Yuh, huh)
Everyone behind me (where the fuck did they go?) bitch I am the fuckin’ best
Lil bitch
[voicemail]Ya know what, fuck you halo!
You sound like a fuckboy!
& why is yo name Halo bro, that prolly’ stand for Hoe Ass… Little… Octopus lookin’ ass n****
Bitch ass n****

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