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Illegal Acts 2 Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Illegal Acts 2 Lyrics.

Illegal Acts 2 Lyrics


[Verse 1: Yung Mason]
Me and Squizzy lookin’ ’round just thinkin’ who gon’ fuck with us?
You was busy talkin’ now you walkin’ ain’t you gonna bust?
No yes men, I got like ten I know that I could trust
I ask for his wallet he gave it up without a single fuss
I walk in the function fitted up, look like a hundred thou
Fast ass feet, got me thinkin’ like where you running now?
Real life shit, no GTA but we’ll gun him down
You CJ on a bike I’m in my PJ it’s just touching down
[Verse 2: Lil Squizzy]
Yeah what he say
Run up and pull somebody out the car I think I’m CJ
Drew a bazooka off my waist, I don’t play GTA
Can’t stop spinning on the opps like I’m a beyblade
You thirty-eight, stayin’ with yo momma tell me how Sway?
Paid in full for the Benz out in my driveway
We should forgive the Nazis for the cars they made
AhhhhhHHHHHHHHH I rеally got it made
Is Lil Squizzy making money, well is thе sky blue?
Drop a tape, imma shock ’em all just like I’m Raichu
Married to the hustle, say my vows and then a “I do”
We like fifty deep so ain’t no point in step- AH FUCK[Verse 3: Yung Mason]
Big stacks, feel like Big Smoke we toting big macs
How you gon’ be proud of a bitch that you hit last?
Whiplash, had to make money so I would skip class
Gripping on that shit you know my brother let it rip fast
Groupies on my left and right, who we finna wet tonight
If Squizzy and Yung Mason pull up on you you can get a fight
Got money I need more tonight, slump him on the floor tonight
Pop him in the chin so hard, he got an overbite[Verse 4: Lil Squizzy]
Bonjour, do my money dance then hit the encore
Street lights, late nights hustling till I got more
You a failure, got me thinking what we put you on for?
Drop money on her makeup cuz she love to wear the contour
[Verse 5: Yung Mason]
Highlights, cameras flashing I think it’s my time
Movie clips, I can’t leave the house without my nine
Shooting shit, *pew pew* we hit a silly lick
Partner in slime, committing crimes with affiliates
And I ain’t never lied, pass me a polygraph
Heavy artillery got that shit fuck up your body fast
I’m toting on that *grunt* don’t make my college mad
2026 they finna call me Mr. College Grad[Verse 6: Lil Squizzy]
Or Mr. Rich
I call your big homie Mr. Little Bitch
Ho you can’t tell me that you don’t miss me just a little bit
Last watch so damn boring that I got rid of it
Next car, so damn fast already ticketed[Verse 7: Yung Mason]
And when it comes to bags I gotta run it up
This ain’t Fortnite, but I will pull up with that double pump
Don’t you ever ever try to treat me like an average chump
Reality hit so hard, I think it left a bump
Like seriously, are you delirious?
Is Yung Mason making money? Even George ain’t curious
Cuz they know, imma really give that boy a halo
Offered a bag just to bag him up I can’t say no

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