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Elvis Presley / King of Roc Lyrics

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Elvis Presley / King of Roc Lyrics

(Aw yea Leo)

(My Goodness RocKid)[Intro]
Yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah you know I’m on
And you know I’m so high yeah you know I gone
I was runnin’ up these racks like im one of one
I’ll read a bitch a horoscope like wunna uhn
I ain’t even cop a gun until I wanted one, (ye huh)
I’m the one who everybody say is onto sum, (fitz fitz)
Grew my hair out just to twist it up and chop it off
Ou these bitches love me told her baby come here top it off
[Verse]Come here with that bullshit and we poppin’ off
Woke up from this drеam that someone told me I was fallin’ off
I just slid down Thurston seen that boy wig n’ split it off
I ain’t likе the noise his box was makin’ so I seen his shit n’ turnt it off
I don’t even write my raps no more gave up the journal
Yea, swear my brodie really flipped more chicken than the Colonel
Ou-ou I’m on hots
Pour a deuce of wok
N’ I kept it in my name because I’m really from the Roc
Bro get silly with that Glock
Hit you make you milly rock
Hit you make you diddy bop-bop bop-bop, (bop bop)
Shake n’ make the city jump
Slidin’ every city block
All it take to make em’ run its 150 shots
I done said it many times we could really make em’ bump
Out here smoking on they mans like I’m smoking on some runtz
You would think I’m jackie chan how I’m out here pulling stunts
I could fuck that bitch again but I only want it once
I just ran it up
I keep going dumb
Off that Percocet can’t feel you think I’m going numb
Bro for real could dunk
And he’ll roll you up
Fish the river find your body I could reel you up
Yea, got my digits up
I’m for real whats up
Got two phones and a watch ran my minutes up
I don’t got no ceilings uhn
Play me got no feelings uhn
I gotta keep it on me ‘case they really try to kill me yuh yuh
Now I’m geeked scotty beam me up!
I got tris in my double cup
Walk around with knots like these muhfuckers beat me up
Treesh she’a eat me up
I know they hate to see me up
I was down bad just a year ago now I been heatin’ up
Spin, Spin, Spin Spin Spin
I’m doing what the fuck I gotta do just to win
All these baby bottles ain’t no baby in my crib
Only fuck with models lately I been on some shit
Switchin’ up my kicks like I’m switchin up my bitch
[Beat Switch]
[Verse 2]
Swi-Switching up the beat like I’m switching up my kicks
I got plugins on my voice that make me sound like I’m the shit
Lil bitch, Lil fitz, I was born to make a flip
No I wasn’t selling drugs just for fun bitch I’m rich
All my glicks got sticks bitch
Hop off of my dick
Heard they mad because my money come in blue like its crip
I wore the same hoodie ran it up and went and bought some drip
Gettin cheese, gettin bread, gettin bags, gettin chips
Got steez, got rizz, I made a living off of licks
You ain’t never stepped no where
You ain’t ever took a risk
You ain’t ever going no where
You ain’t ever doing shit
You ain’t ever gettin geeked
You ain’t ever gettin lit
I just hit my boston plug n’ told him I’ll be there in 6
(ayo i’ma be there in 6 hours, aight one)
Like ouuuu I just get bands[Beat Switch]
[Verse 3]
We got beef or am I beefin’ with your big mans?
Ou- Ou the way she lickin dick we gon’ be some good friends
Yea, if you don’t know 43 then you ain’t ever copped good meds
Why it’s everybody tryna act like they can be dead?
Tuh, you a demon? (lil bitch)
You shall be gone. (poof)
Brodie bout a millionaire from shit that I can’t speak on
Catch a bullet like you Deon I can’t hang around no peon
I can’t slip, I can’t trip, spill my cup, got my geek on
Ta-takin’ off her top lil bitch get that freak on
Yea this that shit they wanna be on
(Lil fitz I was born to make a flip)

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