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YTB Fatt – Ric Flair Woo Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you YTB Fatt – Ric Flair Woo Lyrics.

YTB Fatt – Ric Flair Woo Lyrics

You’re talking to the Rolex wearing, diamond ring wearing, kiss stealing (WOO!)
Wheeling dealing, Limousine riding, Jet Flying, son of a gun
And I’m having a hard time holding these alligators down, Woo!
(Damn, Kai, you goin’ crazy)
Frrrrrr, Frrrrrr, Ouhhhhhh
Ouhh, Ouhhh

[Verse 1]
Just spent a thousand on some flip flops, nigga, imagine what I spend on them swords (Ouhhhh)
Who the fuck putin’ the police in it?
Who the fuck putin’ they momma in it? (Nigga)
So when a bitch ass nigga drop, make sure you tell the police what it ain’t is
I’m tired of hearin’ rumors, nigga (Ouhhhh)
Tired of hearin’ pussy sayin’ what they gon’ do when I hit the crib
Fuckin’ right I’m slidin’ bulleproof, fuckin’ right I’m stayin’ in touch with my troups
‘Cause they ain’t just no yes man, they gon’ tell me how they feel
Detective say I’m putin’ money on niggas’ hats
I wonder who told him that, these niggas the fuckin’ police for real (Ouhhhh)
This shit get scary, foxs how you find that out?
‘Cause I had a bond with killers before the Ms (Ouhhhh)

It’s like, this shit be like, it’s like this shit be fun on the internet but
When this shit get serious like, it’s like, nigga get to, you know, doin’ this and this when it get for real (Ouhhhh)

[Verse 2]
My momma know what’s up with me, niggas think before they play with me
I just met [?] a year ago, but he know what’s up with me
Rod Wave say “Fatt fox, save your money”
I talked to Gotti he said “Two hundred percent of this shit”, Wham say “Leave the streets”
I talked to [?] he say “Keep hustlin”, Da Baby say “Keep grindin”
I talked to [?] he say “Keep yo’ faith for me” (Yeah)
And Durk hit me sometimes like “Fox you belt to ass with these beats” (Ouhhhh)
Any nigga play, they got it, these niggas be p-
These niggas be pissin’ me off, so what I be finna say on the ‘gram I say on these beats (Ouhhhh, ouhh, Ouhhhh)
That’s how the foxes handle the switches when they creep, nigga
I’m like forty six thousands, two shows (Ssss)
And I counted by my hand, ’cause I like my money real neat
I ain’t finna start no new beef, I’ll go back home, ’cause my whole city want me six feet
Niggas, niggas know what I got my trust in
When I got the (Frrrr) nigga
When I got the (Frrrr), SRT truck, what I pull up in
I ain’t with goin’ live yellin’ nigga, [?]
‘Cause I really got some man that will drop you and pick up ten (Ouhhhh)
Maybach, two hundred, just for the summer
One point one for the new house, nigga, that’s a million cash for my momma
Six bedrooms, I got kitchen with me, nigga (Ssss)
And I been rockin’ the shit out that blue, ’cause I’m putin’ up blue hundreds for the summer (Ssss)
Stop cashin’ out on them cars, stop buyin’ them high end clothes
Put that money up, word from my momma
And you know your son got you, we came from shit, that’s why she started fuckin’ cryin’ when I showed her six hundred

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