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Rap Degenerate Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Rap Degenerate Lyrics.

Rap Degenerate Lyrics

Verse 1:
One by one I’m taking out the trash, call me a scrapper
Single handedly handing everyone’s ass on a platter
I’m pissing on all of my foes, R.Kelly like I had a full bladder
I’m taking over this rap shit, its only one thing matters

I love my anime and my waifus, it’s a fact
But my rhymes hit harder than a Dark Magician’s attack
I’m a rap master, no one can compare
Dropping bars so sick, like I’m playing Russian roulette with a flare
But don’t get it twisted, I can get serious too
My rhymes will leave you on the ground, feeling like you’ve been through
A shadow realm duel, with Yami Yugi as your opponent
I’m like Exodia, unstoppable and dominantVerse 2:
Can’t lie I love some 2d waifus, might get some on my wall
But I’d rather be watching anime than answer your call
But don’t get it twisted, I can diss with the best
I’ll destroy your career and leave you stressed
Verse 3:
I’m the king of rap, I’ve got the crown to prove it
My words are powerful, and my flow is fluid
I’ll take on any challenger, I’ll make you look stupid
I’m the best there is, I’ll never be excludedI’m the rap degenerate, no holds barred
I’ll say what I want, no matter how hard
So if you can’t take the heat, get out of my kitchen
‘Cause I’m the rap degenerate, and I’m always on a mission

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