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Touch Concrete (Bonus Track) Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Touch Concrete (Bonus Track) Lyrics.

Touch Concrete (Bonus Track) Lyrics

[Verse 1:YourFavouriteHonky]
Elle Hayes, you think you’re so cool
But all you are is a closet queer, you’re nobody’s fool
But let me tell you, you ain’t got the juice
Just a stuck-up bitch with a big attitude

You strut around like you own the place
But behind your back, they all roll their face
Cause you’re just a phoney, a fake, a fraud
Thinking you’re better than us, oh god
[Verse 2:YourFavouriteHonky]
You try to act like you’re something special
But we see right through your superficial
You’re just a wannabe, a poser, a try-hard
But you’ll never be the real deal, oh bard

Elle Hayеs, you need to check yourself
Cause you’rе nothing but a joke, a shelf
Full of empty promises and empty dreams
Just another soulless queen, it seems

[Verse 3:YourFavouriteHonky]
So listen up, and hear me loud and clear
Elle Hayes, you need to disappear
Cause you’re just a waste of time and space
A fake, a fraud, a disgrace

She tries to act like she’s a star
But everyone knows she ain’t going far
All she does is play the victim
But in the end, she’s just a gimmick

[Verse 4:YourFavouriteHonky]
Elle Hayes, with her fake smile
Trying to act like she’s worth our while
But we see right through her facade
She’s nothing but a two-faced fraud

She thinks she’s all that and more
But in reality, she’s just a bore
Her acting skills are mediocre at best
And her attitude is nothing but a pest

So Elle Hayes, take a step back
And realise that you ain’t got no rack
Your acting is weak and your attitude is worse
So how about you go lie in a hearse

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