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YBC KTC Lyrics

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YBC KTC Lyrics

(Only One CR) (Josammy on the fucking beat)
(It’s Mr. Disrespectful) (Oh my god) (It’s Mr. Disrespectful)
(It’s Mr. Disrespectful)(It’s Mr. Disrespectful)
Yeah Skrilla, Yeah Skrilla, Yeah Skrilla
Yeah it’s me (Ha) Yeah it’s me (Oh my god)

Yea it’s Skrilla, Yea it’s me
YBC no KTB, tell my shooter go wet his tee (come here)
Get that boy don’t play with me (uh)
Throw my setup I’m with my shooter shooter
Bizzy got the switchy in the cooler
And a 50 Imma over do it, walk ’em down Imma over do ’em
Get him
It’s Mr. Disrespectful
And I don’t givе a fuck who you is
N****a I will disrespect youN****a
It’s Mr. Disrespеctful
(Buddy in a fro and a rizzy in a snipe)BD got so many B’s
He ain’t even tryna kill no more
Lil Mooskie in my ear keep sayin how he wanna drill some more
How you dissin’ dead and N****a you ain’t never kill before
You ain’t got no attempted kills (Got no attempted bodies)You ain’t got no fucking attempted bodies
You keep braggin about them V’s you ain’t in them johnnys
And just sent that N****a up and we won’t talk about it
And everytime I sell a P I swear I state the profitBullet hit him in his spine, now bro can’t feel no more (Ha ha)
Don’t want no deal no more, I need a mil’ or more (Sheesh, woo)
I get geeked up like I’m Urkel, [?] keep 3’s that shit will hurt you
Wear some weave, go get a purse too
You’s a bitch (You’s a bitch)
I can see it in ya eyes ain’t no disguise
I could tell you ain’t one to get up in that V when we had to slide
I can tell you won’t wet that boy and kill that boy alive (kill ’em)
I can tell you gon turn Takashi for a homicide (you the rat)
Leave ’em breathin’ no the fuck you don’t (fuck?)
Let me squeeze that XD40 cuz I know they won’t (ahhh)
I don’t pray to God, I don’t fear Allah (I don’t)
[?] I know how Imma die (ahh boom)
T.O. be running through the P’s thats why we call and gettem gone
And I just flew a 100 P’s they went through 20 different zones
Once I walk up out that trap, I hit the booth, got too many songs
(one foot in and out)
You a gangsta, I’m a gangsta, you supa gangsta whatchu on? Whatchu on? (Gansta Hearted)
Send my Shoota, get you gone (yea)
Send my Shoota, crack your dome
You coppin pleas like leave me alone
Leave me lone, bitch I’m alone, I’m a loner
YBC he just a stoner, wet your dawg he got you sick, you got coronaYea it’s me (Ha ha ha ha)
(It’s Mr. Disrespectful) (It’s Mr. Disrespectful) (It’s Mr. Disrespectful)

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