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Young M.A (2019) | Funk Flex | #Freestyle133 Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Young M.A (2019) | Funk Flex | #Freestyle133 Lyrics.

Young M.A (2019) | Funk Flex | #Freestyle133 Lyrics

[Part 1]

They told me to do it so I went and did it
I said the Queen of Brooklyn, nigga, let’s get it
That’s queen with a K ’cause I’m a king too
It’s Kings county, I’ma show you what this queen do
Listen, man, I don’t do it for likes
Nine times out of ten, I do shit for a price
I told Cas, “If I’ma do it, I’m doin’ it right”
Let these lil’ niggas know what I do with a mic
I got the crown like heights, oh yeah, I took this shit
We don’t ask, we just take, real Brooklyn shit
This beat is real raw, I had to cook this shit
Yo, this mine now Cas, I had to book your shit
I’m top ten and that’s a Fendi fact
Any nigga want to bet, I put my hundreds where you pennies at
Yeah I’m pretty but ain’t shit pretty
I’m from that city where it’s gritty at, that click-clack, give me that
And put thе glizzy right there wherе your kidneys at
Oh that’s a bustdown AP? Send me that
You can’t flex in my city, know they gon’ envy that
Niggas hungry, they’ll kill you for a fifty pack, real shit
Police chase us, constant discrimination
Even the black cops is racist, no grass, just pavement
Everybody been claimin’ that gang shit
Honestly, every hood is the same shit
Let’s change routes, different route, let’s do it different
Instead of startin’ a gang, nigga, let’s start a business
Either you gang or you gainin’, that’s not a hard decision
You could still be a star without the star position
And I’m winnin’ ’cause my heart consistent
Stayed indy, made a smart decision
Top notch is where my bar’s positioned
Tryin’ to go head-up with me, car collision
I can murder any of you rappers from start to finish
My drink devil but I get high like God’s position
When life through me a rod, nigga I started fishin’
My palms started itchin’
Got that drive like when you start the engine
I’m a GOAT but still I’m hardly mentioned
Fuck it, man, that’s all they gettin’
[Part 2]
I see the hate, I see a lot of love
Why they be so mad at you, MA? Shrugs
Is you ’cause you realer? Is it ’cause you kill shit?
They all in they feelings? Shit, all the above
I don’t know what they problem is, but anyway baby
I could be your daddy if you don’t know who your father is
We know who don’t like us, we know who our target is
Keep on shittin’ on ’em like I don’t know what a toilet is
Trophies in them offices, graduated from the streets
I don’t know what Harvard is, no diploma, no degrees
But my chain on no degrees
Dropped a bag at the dealer, told ’em, “Throw them keys”
I had a long day, baby, on your knees
Put your face on it while I hold your weave
And baby when we done, can you roll the weed?
She said, “This gorilla?” I said, “Oh, indeed”
But I would leave a bitch if she crossed me like a rosary
‘Cause even when I wasn’t rich, them hoes still noticed me
Used to be cold-hearted, found a girl that’s cold as me
I believe what’s done to me, not what’s ever told to me
Man, fuck rumors
How the fuck can y’all believe what’s on computers
Losers, learn life, pick me as your tutor
Come here, let me school you, here’s a pencil and a school book
Nigga, fuck a rule book, I’m disobedient
I used to see the haters but now I see comedians
Got rid of some niggas ’cause they was movin’ devious
Now I only move with the immediate
Got money, repeated it, repeated it, repeated it
Etcetera, etcetera, you know what I mean and shit
I been layin’ low lately, yeah I did some shows lately
Can’t lie, shit been movin’ slower like a old lady
But I ain’t broke, baby, I just came to get my mind right
Get back on my bully when the time right, get back in that limelight
Had to feed the streets like I just walked out of ShopRite
Fallin’ back was not right, my apologies
I was in a time of need, I needed some privacy
I needed a prophecy, couldn’t let my momma see
Me at my lowest point but I guess that’s just the pride in me
Not to brag but I be doin’ numbers like the lottery
If we speakin’ honesty then honestly, who is hot as me?
Logically, I’m still tryin’ to see
I never get too comfortable
‘Cause when you lit, that’s the only time they gon’ fuck with you
When that bag come, that’s when they come to you
Trust me, this ain’t nothin’ new
This is how the game is, you just gotta play it right
Remember, there’s somebody out workin’ while you late at night

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