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Breath of Fresh Air Lyrics

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Breath of Fresh Air Lyrics

I couldn’t help but notice your pain

It runs deep, share it with me
Yeah, uh[Verse 1]
The paragon of paranoia from my parents’ failures
Empty promises and paraphernalia
It’s not a con when the power failure you
Nah, it’s time to get on your job, don’t let those flowers smell you
Ah, breath of fresh air
Gave death the death stare
Cheated life twice with the best pair
Got tired of screamin’, “Next year”
Yeah, got tired of screamin’, “Next year” (Maybe next year, yeah)
[Verse 2]
Uh, got too much substance flowin’ in my bloodstream
You kinda subpar, I’m supreme, that’s obscene
Like comin’ from an upscale family home, parents both fiends
Watchin’ souls travel through the globe with no means
Livin’ my new life vicariously through old themes
I’ll be gettin’ rich off broke schemes
This is America’s nightmare, no dream
(New dreams, no sleep)[Verse 3]
Woke up on the wrong side of the bed
These dark thoughts keep creepin’ out of my head
Rock you to sleep, make you think the drama is dead
I smile up in your face, but I’m plottin’ instead
To leave you rotten, lost, done, but not forgotten
Reach inside of my pockets, still nothin’ but cotton
Come on[Verse 4]
It’s for the two-timin’ double-time rhymers
Crime risin’ and crime fighters
I’ll start fire through the eyes of the uninspired
Unreliable parents lyin’, family members dyin’
Successful failure while tryin’, admiring your efforts
Low-lifer’s an expert, these excerpts is treasure
Pain is pleasure, and pressure makes diamonds
It’s all science

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