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Manufacturing Error Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Manufacturing Error Lyrics.

Manufacturing Error Lyrics

(Wait this was a metal song? Then what the fuck was all this for?)

HehehEy YuhEy YuhPut my brain on displayRecently been out my mind
Shot my watch fuck the clocks don’t tell me I am outta timeOut my faceDisarrayMessing up the fucking spaceSame old song I sing along but 808s don’t hit the same
Yuh they don’t hit the sameYuh they don’t hit the sameYuh they don’t hit the sameHehehAAAAAAAAAABullets the distractionI just came to tag shitTick em off the checklist
Want smoke then you can have itSucker punch em in the faceThat 45 send em to the graveFix ya stature keep it straightUnless you wanna catch a fade

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