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Versace durag Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Versace durag Lyrics.

Versace durag Lyrics

(I can be lazy too! Look at me!)

[Verse 1: Javah]
Talk my shit this bitch gon hit okay (Woah, woah, woah)
Hands rated E my nigga I don’t play (Never that)
If you wanna go and test me (Huh? What?)
Permanently end up resting (Z-Z)
Sorry I don’t do this often (Nah)
If this boy be talking shit we put him in a coffin (Put him in a)
And then we check the option (Woah)
Like what you wanna do? (What you wanna)
Pull with my crew
Got the straps we aim at you (B-B-B-BAM)
Like beam
What you mean?
All my niggas eating green (Greeeeeeeeen)
That means we healthy
And wealthy
Pockets getting really thick (Cash)
Like yo bitch
Take her to my room
Roll it up and then I take a hit
Like this spliff
Getting way too high and I don’t mind (*coughing*)
My rhymes be doing all thе things I really wanna talk about (That’s true)
If this nigga pull up to the party, know wе walk it out (Woah)
Like Ed, Edd n Eddy, that’s a joke I’m talking 3 stacks (Money)
Big boy pull up on the scene, he acting like an outcast (ATLiens)
You don’t get that
Haha, woah
[Verse 2: xavflos]
Xav is the glitch in the system
I’m havin your bitch and her sister
Rappers just wish they could spit some
Shit that gon hit clubs
And get it lit like the tip of a blunt
I get what I want
I been number one
Like since I was young
I think I’m on fire
I need 9-1-1
But fuck the police
11 plus 1
I never was one
To follow the trends I’m the one
To set it, the unfettered
The Incredible Hulk
The sun set and then I’m getting so drunk
That nothing’s better
I said turn that shit up
I’m icy like Frosty the snowman
I got me the cold hand like Elsa
I pop me a cold beer and watch me I go in
I pop me a cold beer and watch me I go in, BITCH
I hope you ain’t thought that was it
I’m not done talking my shit
I got the world in my grip
Got your girl by the hips
And she liking the words that I hurl from my lips when I
Hop on stage
My nigga it’s time for the rage
I’m a demon so light up the sage
Can’t keep me up inside of a cage
All these C notes I got, bitch I’m paid
I’m the cheat code that won the whole game
When they say “and the Grammy goes to…”
It be me that the envelope names
If you DJ, the Drama’s ok
Otherwise leave that shit on your home page
Xav is the glitching code
They asking if he’s ever missing? No

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