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*Due to lack of lack of relations and/or business collaborations between Vega and Genius, his ronin dialect will not be transcribed*
Refer to “Bakaara by Vega7 The ronin featuring Wiz Kelly” on all platforms, for more info

Wiz Verse:
Watch how i spice it
And slice it up
Im diamonds in ruff
Abruptly shift my lines to a brink onna cusp
From 10 to a 85 percent
A rolls to shorter a bus
HushConfiscate the game like a petty force
Confine us to they dorms to never see the grail
Tom ford
A Monkey sees what a monkeys monkey does
It turns out lifes a dub
Kelly ronin ran
It up Quick wit speed
Mach 4Chop the beat its up we stuck wit sparse chords
They paved the way for false lords
Like honesty abhors
Im bouta flaunt thr score
Check the board
We up by 54
No need to pass the torch
This shit a sport
Gotta fishin bigger game
No plans for albacoreBridge:
Vega: *Due to lack of lack of relations and/or business collaborations between Vega and Genius, his ronin dialect will not be transcribed*Wiz: Uh
Its a newer beast
But a different monster
I’m like the gun man up in this chopper
I guess my chakra glow the brightest aqua
Wiz 2nd Verse:
See Vega gave yall an E for Effort
While Kelly give an F for fuck off
My chops hittin something like Steven Seagal
Take a test of natural brawn
These verses cut thru the dawIn the paint like 2015 Pero Antić
Im an antique
But play more like a starWon’t turn the other cheek when defeated
We get it off the arm ,leg ,and head
My demons receded
I prayed wit god instead
Fuckin wit the snake hand
You’ll find yourself deader than dead
I killed the beast thats under the bed
Thats how u cut the thread

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