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Ya know
Ya know honestly I ain’t got too much to say honestly
Beat speaking for me, I swear to God
I really ain’t got shit to say
I mean I got a lil sum
Aye, uh, aye

Can I live my life to see the truth
I can’t abide by false sayings
I put it on my life and soul
I can’t just run around with a fake face
From the nights until the morning
I wake up to see the moon and stars
To find my into the forrest
Just to live on yesterdays tomorrow
TILLZ Verse:
Wiz done tapped in
Like a straight jacket how I’m strapped in
Swear fo’ God you niggas wouldn’t make it outta this cagе match here
Suplex makе ya back bend
Spine shatter like a brick thrown through a glass house let me reel you back in
This just practice
Natural selection
Survival tactics on the checklist bars for breakfast
We do these beats justice if I aim
Get the message you duck quick with a bad bitch doing duck lips
Smoke exit the lungs as I view the city
Foot upon they neck take my respect
And then I hit the griddy
Take a stroll with me, sangria inside a crystal glass
A slight buzz discussing the future
We just want shit to last
Not too many out here like me, I accept the fact
The cloth im cut from vibranium with the hat to match
I make your chest collapse pierce your lung with your left rib
Ready get set wiz, the older I get I’m having less fears!!

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