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Artificial Selection Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Artificial Selection Lyrics.

Artificial Selection Lyrics

At this point its like
Know what im sayin I got it down
One take

Box in the cadedence, patientice a filler pennin a scripture
Like jack the ripper
Soul of a killer
Taxin all the ops wit intrest
Fuck it i guess i’ll break the beat to a
Toppin provisions
Fitted ambitions for wizards
Shits gettin chilly
Cop a dime for mines
Know toppin 5s not in my frame of mind
We gettin nada
Lot in store for them just tryna
Gain a dolla
Gracious Conscience
Guilty pleasures tarnish
In ya skin Like jaundice
Never faltеr
Back when me n holy had to drop the altar
Evеn farther back when the shorts n shirts
Was branded in starter
Imma Product of fallen stars &
The marta
Charge it to the game
Kelly a workaholic
These niggas walk a frolic
Never endowed wit honor
Death is the flow
Heffas catchin helluva cold
In my presence
A fan of the relish
Like A heavily a embellished present
Like navajo the flow i speak in question
How to options go i trabajo like stephen
Who’s the guest n host
Session after session
Pennin lessons
Keep the call the call on hold
Who goin toe to toe im cold
I’ll never find a pleasant soul
This a lyric depost
Im cashin in officially
Turned the beat to a wallet
No solace for a nigga soul
Find it hard to live when they chase gold
And Bliss the only goal im onna course
No time to a take woe x3

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