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Latchkey 5 Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Latchkey 5 Lyrics.

Latchkey 5 Lyrics

(My mind short circuits all the time)
(Thoughts of the broken, just picture it)

Witness a man breaking, waking up
To the sounds of car alarms and glass breaking at the gas station
With a dangerous perspective
It’s hard to be a profit when you hate your own flesh
It’s hard not to be a profit when your competitions dead
So kill them all and fall a thousand feet just don’t land on your head
She tried to land on the bed but the pillows ain’t match the thread
She she ended up fucking with some fly guy instead
Man ain’t life a bitch?
But I’m already living now fuck it I can stick around
I might get rich
But if I ever get the chance to dance with devils then I
Might just dip, dip
I don’t like anybody I don’t care if anybody like my shit
I don’t like anybody I don’t care if anybody likes mine
I’m top 5 DOA your top 6
Been in the studio for days
I’m locked in on the landline calling my friends
(You mean no one?)
I got a appetite for pork n trips to new york
From the water boy in sports, a 120 pound dork
Paying Tre to do my math cause I won’t go to class
And I ain’t tryna fuck your girl cause she don’t have no ass
And I don’t wanna hit your wax if that don’t look like glass
And I ain’t tryna take your life I’m tryna take your cash
So make a good decision so I don’t have to take this back
And tell my pastor Carlos I’m sorry my sorrows in the pas
I finally killed a man, ain’t life a bitch?
And I feel better, ain’t life a bitch?
Yeah I feel better
Ain’t life a bitch?

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