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Suffolk Lyrics

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Suffolk Lyrics

Bright King of glory, dreadful God!
Our spirits bow before thy seat
To thee we lift an humble thought
And worship at thine awful feet

Thy power hath formed, thy wisdom sways
All nature with a sovereign word;
And the bright world of stars obeys
The will of their superior LordMercy and truth unite in one
And smiling sit at thy right hand;
Eternal justice guards thy throne
And vengeance waits thy dread command
A thousand seraphs, strong and bright
Stand round the glorious Deity;
But who amongst the sons of light
Pretends comparison with thee?Yet there is one of human frame
Jesus, arrayed in flesh and blood
Thinks it no robbery to claim
A full еquality with GodTheir glory shines with equal bеams
Their essence is for ever one
Though they are known by different names
The Father God, and God the SonThen let the name of Christ our King
With equal honors be adored;
His praise let every angel sing
And all the nations own their Lord

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