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Westside Gunn – FLYGOD 2X Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Westside Gunn – FLYGOD 2X Lyrics.

Westside Gunn – FLYGOD 2X Lyrics

Luxurious (Grrt)
(Pew-pew-pew-pew-pew-pew) Yeah-yeah
Yeah-yeah (Grrrrrrt)

I’ma take you back to the ski mask, Chanel, CO with my mail
I can never fail
I can read through you, I can tell you would tell
You ain’t never ate Ruth Chris in the cell (Uh-uh)
Everything grail, you movin’ at the pace of a snail
Supreme Blientele ’cause my cocaine pale
This rap doin’ aight, my dope house swell in Egypt
Readin’ [?], Kutter doin’ well
I’m on the mountain, R&B bitchеs on my bandwagon
Boxes cost 500, I got my pant’s saggin’ (Mm)
If he had to drive fifty milеs, he was head crackin’
Back when I popped the [?] less wagon
True story, I can get anything done
Runway Gucci jean suit, head in the ball
Sanda Randi Black sandals socks in the sun
The top three and not three or two but I’m the (One) Finetta lows
See me, I’m the model type (Ah)
Balenciaga tour tee with the piranha bites
H-Rolls on ice
Hit you broad day (Boom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom)
Fuck you and the po-lice
Nigga our doors nice
Super FlyGod

[Outro: Tyler, The Creator]
To-to JAY-Z, to André, to Westside Gunn
For-for makin’ me just wanna rap again
I fuckin’ love it, I love rap, it changed niggas lives

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