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Say Gang Lyrics

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Say Gang Lyrics

[Intro: Anti Da Menace]
They say, “Huh, huh, huh”

[Verse 1: Anti Da Menace]
Yeah, they say all a nigga talk about is bodies
Shit, let’s talk about these M’s that I got stashed in my deposit
Or let’s talk about that time that I jumped out with that rocket
Got to poppin’, cut throat nigga kept on speaking on lil’ Bobby
Come here, dead man walking, he be poppin’ shit on Instagram
That’s a dead man talking
Mama raised a fuckin’ beast, shit is crazy
Pop a Perc’ ‘fore I get me somethin’ to eat
Niggas’ lazy, swear to God, bitch, I can walk on any beat
Move up out the way, I got this Draco in my Wraith, okay
All them niggas playin’, okay
All them niggas late, say, “Gang”
I’m tired of sparin’ niggas
Ayy, just stay around, lil’ nigga
Ridin’ with some shit I know for sure can kill a bear, lil’ nigga
Ayy, come here boy, I been slangin’ blitz
Step on shit, say with the Pastor, Troy
Now a nigga rich as fuck, I might go 911 Porsche
You can either hate me or you love me
I done ran up too much paper
Dirty bitch can’t do nothin’ for me
[Verse 2: Wee2Hard]
Yeah, reaper talking to me in my sleep, I don’t think these niggas ready
Say, lil’ gang pay me my gen 5, I’m tryna face a nigga
Blood everywhere like ICU, can’t run, boy, I see you
Blood gushin’ out his top, we left his family terrified
Every time the opps flew through here, we left ’em dead flies
It’s a murder scene when we pop out, I bring them steppers out
Since you say you kill, let’s get on murder time
Drill a nigga, speak on nothing that I seen or saw
We all murder niggas
Yeah, ten shots out the Glock right to his dead, we left him dead
I’ll burn the whole city down and go to war with the feds
Niggas know I’m on that murder shit, for real, I don’t be playin’
We been lurkin’ on that wide body, gon’ rob him for them bands
We been lurkin’ on that Track Hawk, might rob him for them bricks
I’m the type to kill your main mans and spark the beef up
Why you dissin’ on the ‘net?
Dawg, you know that shit ain’t street
Why you spinnin’ rats on thots, dawg?
You know that shit ain’t P[Verse 3: Anti Da Menace]
Nigga, you know that shit ain’t right
Nigga, you know I keep that four net, bitch, I’m strapped up like a dike
Rich as fuck, playin’ games, I’m out here gambling with my life
Know I can get hit in my head, but bitch, I’m still gon’ roll the dice
7-Eleven, send me a nigga right to heaven, I’m never stressing
On the electric, make the baddest bitch go, “Pow”
In the club equipped, we ain’t go no blitz, that boy gon’ knock somethin’ out
Got a big house waiting on me, on God, I ain’t even change the locks
Filled with dust, I gotta mop
I ain’t gon’ cap, she did me wrong, I’m built for this, lil’ bitch, I’m strong
Couple words that I don’t like, then I won’t even call your phone
Couple niggas I wanna pop, but I don’t see ’em face to face
A couple niggas had got shot, them folks could never find no trace
Let me in, on God, I gotta bring my gen, on god
Promoter trippin’, get his ass slapped out for all that bitchin’, boy
I don’t see nothin’, I don’t know nothin’
All murder shit, for real, lil’ boy
I keep thinking ’bout that body we left shot up in that rental car
Grrah, one Drac’, two Drac’, stir him up, soufflé
This blick like a pep rally, make this bitch go, “Horray”
I’m with Neek and we with Nee
If you play, you D.I.E
Told my wrong manager the other day I signed a fuckin’ D
[Verse 4: Wee2Hard]
Blow my gun, I’m never runnin’, bitch, I got a hundred sticks
How the fuck you wanna go to war? You ain’t got no money, bitch
On my life, I worked that fire, you play with me, yo’ ass gon’ die
Slow down the box and hit the lights, I see a opp’, I take his life
He think he step, his ass a free body, I get shit taught, for real
King of opp’, for real
We spin blocks, for real, hop out, for real
Grew up on the West, this shit get wicked on my dead brother
Every nigga that went against this shit got hit up with that cutter
Shoot his head and spill his brains, stop his heart beat, Eddie Caine
Make ’em free, we all done the clippin’, execute that boy
I can rap about this spinnin’ shit ’cause I get busy, bitch
Zip a nigga like a Bape hoodie, where his brains at?

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