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Ted kaczynski Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Ted kaczynski Lyrics.

Ted kaczynski Lyrics

(Introduction: the industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race)

(I’m gonna move out to a cabin in the mountains and bomb people)Imma blow up like Ted kaczynski
Murder yo ass they mark you as missing
Shut the fuck up, please stop dissing
Bitch when you die on your grave I’m pissing
On my dixk your bitch is kissing
Ay you is a mark
Apex predator I am a shark
Don’t walk at night I stalk in the dark
I’ll take all yo money and buy me a cart
Nah fuck that I’m Rollin a blunt
Fuckin the pussy I’m fucking a cunt
Afourteen I jump in the junk
If you die I won’t give a fuck
Blow yo ass up like I’m in isis
I got guns you don’t wanna try this
I got a bitxh and she is the nicest
Shoot at a faker covered in ice
I gotta choppa I bet he will die
This shit is true I don’t tell no lies
In front of your kids don’t care if they cry
Your bitch fuckin with me I thought she was shy
If I was you I been woulda died
Chop you in half I call you divide
Yo bitch is hot I call her divine
(alright this is the part where I let the beat ride out so fuck all of you and goodbye)

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