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The Carrion Child Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you The Carrion Child Lyrics.

The Carrion Child Lyrics

Is it
Just us now?
I do apologize
For the delay
I will not
For your understanding
I plead that you
Tend to your
Own fields
From now on
This is my world
Aren’t you excited?

The scent of blood
Sows in a vile dread
Guillotined roan bodies
Lay strewn in a pool of lavish redA carrion so fruitless
The flies disperse unsatisfied
Worthless to the fliesSoft and quiet
In the dark
I hear its voice
Cry out“Murderer!”—Your glass is overflowing in the slaughter
Have you no remorse?
Still smiling blank and vainly in the mirror
Over your dead horseReaping what you’ve slain
Fashion a facade, a temper to blame
O’ the joy, you’d be finally loved
For a soul that you had framed

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