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Just Venting ILY Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Just Venting ILY Lyrics.

Just Venting ILY Lyrics

Oh, yeah, oh, yeah

You know you not the wrong girl, it’s just the wrong time
Ayy, ayy, ayyI know you not the wrong girl, it’s just the wrong timeI missed the feeling
But I guess in due time
It’s probably why I ain’t getting no reply
I guess
You can’t never
Taking relationship advice from your friends
And they can’t even keep a manMy bro told me to leave you but I stayed I guess I went against the bro code
Did it all for you
I did it all for you
And I’d do that shit again
You my evil twin
Thinking how can I become a better man
I’m tryna fix myself
Like thеy don’t wanna see that kid survive
When we both lockеd eyesIs til rrmmeber ur first kissI even claimed you on my FinstaMy album dropped
Woke upI had thirty hoes mad ’cause I picked you that night

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