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(Yuh, yuh, yuh)
Throw the pussy back
Caught another body in the back
Shawty wanna fuck run it back
Vlone with the dope in the backPussy gets fucked with that cap no cap
That’s facts
Put that bitch on a snap
Pussy wanna get smoked like wax
Give no fucks throw his body off the map
WHAT?Fucking that bitch in her pussy
Ops in the back put the dope in her coochie
We do not lack
We gonna shoot like a movieI AM NOT BROKE
Boutta’ go hit a lick finna get dope
I got that bitch she grab on the coke
Me and Vlone we boutaa’ explodeVLONE DEX – INTERLUDE:
I’m bout’ to fade each and everyone one of you lets get itVLONE DEX:Most of you bitches be acting like niggas
Most of you niggas be acting like bitches
Lil nigga get out of your feelingsY’all really don’t like me but you damn straight gonna listen to this song though
You’re just a fan bro
Get out of my face bro
Fore’ you get hit in yo damn nose
No one is takin’ you serious
If you think so you just an idiot
I don’t give a damn if you been in it longer than me
I am the gloriousYeah I said it
I’m the glorious
Huh you big mad
You furiousI’m creating shit
Like I’m Phineas from Phineas and Ferb
While avoiding the boredomNiggas really movin’ real sticky
I asked you a question is there a problem
Is there a problem?My nigga you out here bluffin’
Talkin’ all that hard shit but you ain’t about it
We finna run a fade before I beat your ass
You better stop talkin’ all the mixI’ll put your ass on the map and make sure you get left
That internet ain’t gonna save you from gettin’ yo ass beat
So stop talkin’ you pussy ass nigga
No ones afraid of you
You ain’t shit bitch
(Yuh, aye, yuh, aye)

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