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Fullbodydurag Lyrics

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Fullbodydurag Lyrics

[Intro: VI Seconds]
Ayo listen man
Ayo listen man, I’ve been gettin’ money since I wasn’t gettin’ money, you feel what I’m saying?
Yo listen

[Verse 1: VI Seconds]
You the pretty nigga dressed in the black
Your bitch on my arm, you ain’t gettin’ her back
Money’s nothing I got several racks
Touch ya necklace and ya head get detached[Verse 2: Eddy I.]
The future telling you, you left in the past
Let me show you how professionals act
Hella relaxed
Bitch in the whip with her head in my lap
She sit with my kids like a lesson in class[Verse 3: Solo Jones]
Clippin’ it back
Show you how gеnerals rap when I walk me an incrеdible path
If ever they follow they won’t see tomarrow
It’s me and Delgado with VI in the lab
[Verse 4: VI Seconds]
Shawdy be protecting my stash
Fuck her up, she never tell me relax
If it ain’t money, I ain’t texting you back
Fuck a price I’m never checking a tag[Verse 5: Eddy I.]
Been a leader you can tell by the badge
Music hittin’ like a sweet chin
Off the deep end
If you frontin’ on a nigga better go take a seat then[Verse 6: Solo Jones]
Shit, and class is in session today
And I need a 34 page Dissertation on how you get paid
Stick to the topic, a written synopsis
I need you to sign at the end of the day[Verse 7: Vi Seconds]
There’s only really one role you can play
I got the ropes since you’ve chosen your fate
Get the 50, dimple all in your face
Taste the fire like you blowing a cake[Eddy I.]
Whips out, where we going today?
Probably find a couple hoes for the play
Solo Jones
Got no condoms, I left those at the place
All three
Fuck it, we can get some more on the way!
Wait wait wait[Verse 9: VI Seconds]
Nigga your mom been all over the place
Treat a bitch like she the opps
Pull out and then blow all over her face
All of her digits that within my phone get erased[Verse 10: Eddy I.]
Pull it out and give her a taste
Shawty she want me to drive it like it’s a race
She tell me to slide, and I’m on the way
I been on my grind and tell ‘em to skate
They know my face at the bank (Huh)
Stay gettin laid like a plank
Independent, nigga claimin’ a rank
Like a farming nigga, steady raising the steaks
You starvin’ nigga ‘cause they savin’ me plates
I got arm then nigga, you ain’t makin’ safe
Harborin’ niggas that could take you away
Show you’re true colors like I’m scrapin’ the paint[Verse 11: Solo Jones]
I got two guns call ‘em Jenna and Shay
Bust your head, top hat and beret
Sweatshop nigga, factory made
[?], catch me a battery case
Ooh wait
All the ballets, stroll in the function
Fuck with the day
Excuse your assumptions
I’m with the fuck shit
Name should be fuck shit
I ain’t have lunch yet
Move what we rushin’
Mood’s a discussion
You niggas bluffin’
Balance ya muffin
Pliers I grab em, a ratchet be damagin’
Y’all get to sayin a two nigga bussin’
Big man ting I’m an a-hole
When I bang your head like a 808
2 .45 on the table make a grown man do the Macarena ay
[Verse 12: VI Seconds]
I’ll take yo bitch on a date, she feeding me grapes
You try to do it, she flakes
She see my neck holdin’ frost and she think that I’m great
I beat her box into shape
Round to ya cheek like you parted your face
Dollars and pounds in the safe
I tell you I like you, I lied to your face
I am the ace
Jason revived from the lake
Yo momma buying me steak
She put her thighs in my face
I don’t desire a taste
Hit then provide me with space
I’m the leviathan
You lie in hiding with snakes
A star, my belt is orion
Get paid when I’m flyin’
Make a deposit at chase
The women give chase
Be all in my face
Eat it when I’m finished saying my grace
I’m nasty

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