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Veeze – SEXY Liar Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Veeze – SEXY Liar Lyrics.

Veeze – SEXY Liar Lyrics

[Intro: Veeze]
Ooh, my bad—
Ooh, my bad I flexed on you, nigga, I wasn’t even tryin’ to
(M.O.B. Waddup)

[Verse: Veeze]
Ooh, my bad I flexed on you, nigga, I wasn’t even trying to
I’m at the top, but, kid, you climb up here, you gon’ need some hiking boots
Oops, my bad, I spiked my juice, I told myself don’t buy no juice
Put my crew against your crew, we throwin’ shells like taco food
She send me all kind of nudes, baby, I ain’t got no time for you
I’m a thot breaker, baby, I’m in the love no thottie crew
Hollow make your body move, give his ass embalmin’ fluid
Cuz said it’s gun war, you better not bring no knife into it
He a mad fan, I understand, but we is not into it
Ask my Philly niggas about Veeze, he a slimy bull
When I met Lil Baby, I already had four pockets full
She dreamin’ ’bout our weddin’, all I said is, “Hey,” and, “How you doing?”
My hand glowin’, my hand glowin’ like Micheal
My cup red like seventh day of her cycle
I don’t give a fuck ’bout no freak bitch, the ho gettin’ recycled
You so much of a lil’ boy, they should charge you as a minor
He showed love when he seen me, but he sneak dissin’ in private
I know you mad I called you broke, on me, I wasn’t even lyin’
I’m back talkin’ my shit, nigga thought weakness was my kindness
What type of nigga out here sayin’ he beefin’ but he harmless?
You ain’t heard ’bout Veeze? Man, you trippin, he the hardest
G.O.A.T, put my picture with Muhammad
Stake out where he live, put his pic in a medallion
I need a machine, it’s too thick for me to count it
If I ruled the world, free the niggas pushin’ powder
I know that you say this pussy mine, say it louder
I know that you say this pussy mine, say it louder
I really just like the way it sound when you lyin’
I really just like the way it sound, sexy lyin’-ass bitch

[Outro: Lil Uzi Vert]
Yo, bro, I ain’t gon’ lie, I’m drunk as shit right now, I’m turnt
I got motherfuckin’, um, Sour Patch Kids, only peach flavor though, the watermelon shit out of style
Let me tell you somethin’, I’m makin’ a 7-Eleven pizza in the oven right now, right?
I got on all Uzi Made shit, straight from Japan
I got on motherfuckin’ West Indie Air Forces right now
My socks match the sole of my sneaks
My bracelets match my watch
My watch match my hat
My hat match my braids
My grills, forget about it
Basically, what I’m sayin’ right now is, the motion that I’m havin’, you can’t even put this shit in 4K, bro
I’m just tellin’ you right now
I ain’t worried ’bout no nigga, I ain’t worried ’bout no bitch
You could mix ’em together and make a cat-dog, you hear what I’m sayin’?

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