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Veeze – Not a Drill Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Veeze – Not a Drill Lyrics.

Veeze – Not a Drill Lyrics

This is not a fire drill, young nigga (Yeah)
This is not a fire drill, young nigga, this the real thing (Aw man, gerski, You won’t leave him a clue? Please, for my man Taz)
Gang, gang, yeah (You know that)

[Verse 1]
Fuck that bitch at nighttime, daytime, she won’t see me
Actin’ like a asshole, pocket holdin’ fifty (You know that)
Pull up with a Mickey Mouse clip, this ain’t Disney (This ain’t Disney)
Spin a bend and faceshot a nigga, steal identity (Face his ass)
Put a brick of dog food on you, can you flip it? (Can you?)
Sippin’ lean like Paul Wall, I might just put a grill in (Yeah)
Boy, go get your pompoms, chillin’ with the bitches (Chillin’ with the bitches)
You know me, pull a Pluto move, take wife, Scottie Pippen (Hahaha)
This cup full of all rеd like it beef with Crippin’ (Like it beef with Crippin’)
I damn near got hеad from every bad bitch in the city, keep that
Doggy in a 360 deal pullin’ gimmicks (Swear to God)
“What’s that floatin’ in your cup?” Mind your business (Shh)
I’m on SportsCenter, Rodeo, pulled Achilles
I spent a band on drank before I ate, I need an ass whippin’
My closet like a fuckin’ clothing store, I need a cash register
Damn, I feel abused, these bitches pullin’ on my belt buckle (These bitches pullin’ on me)
Nigga you need help with somethin’? Nigga, pump the gas or somethin’
Order 10K ones on that bum, put confetti on ’em
Catch a nigga slip, switch hrrrt, spaghetti on ’em
I gotta keep my double cup so I won’t go to hell alone (I won’t go to hell alone)
This is not no fire drill, young nigga, I got fire on me (I got fire on me)
Lex just walked in, that’s my twin, Balenciaga on me (That’s my twin, Balenciaga on me)
Nigga talk ’bout killin’ on the ‘net, he damn near tattled on me (He damn near snitched on me)
Won’t believe this hoodie fifteen hundred without no logo on it (Man)
Boy, we be done spanked lil’ homie, bitches tattin’ “Ganger” on ’em
I ain’t never hate before, dog so broke, I’m prayin’ for him
She up naked waitin’ for me, got the trenches bangin’ on me (Yeah)
When I hit the bank, they know me, I feel I’m they favorite custy’

This is not a fire drill, young nigga (You better know that, yeah)
This is not a fire drill, young nigga, this the real thing
Gang (On my mama, yeah)

[Verse 2]
A eight in one pop and we drink like it’s normal (Drink like it’s normal)
I fucked, but I seen her with her man, played it cordial (You know I’m him)
Put him in the U-I-P, Unimportant person (Huh?)
My jeans patched with zebra stripes, tigers, and some horse skin
I don’t got no barber, these hoes say I’m adorable (Yeah)
Paid In Full like Harlem, drive Benzes while we servin’ (I swear to God)
Bet when we get on him, he won’t make it to surgery
Blickied down, keep goin’, on some, “What’s poppin’, Ger?”
Bougie bitch online say she want a fluffy puppy (She want a fluffy puppy)
Me, I got a pint, on Amazon searchin’ slush machine
She got on Bottega, purse and feet, it look like bamboo leaf
You know I’m a double cuppin’ king, call me Your Majesty
She say I’m the man in her dreams, I’m her fantasy
You know you ain’t findin’ none of this shit, boy, stop askin’ ’bout it
You might catch lil’ bro ballin’, shit, he Bryce Maximus (He Bryce Maximus)
Thought you was gon’ be my valentine, better luck next year (Better luck next year)
Watch me pour this red in this Big Blue, watch me set trip (Watch me set trip)
Why she only good for head and cookin’? Why she Matilda?
Watch me drive the foreign with my kneecap, roll the ‘Wood up (Yeah)
‘Fore they close the casket, fix my fingers, throw the hood up
Oh my, oh my goodness, you took my swag to Woodward
I gotta keep that wood tucked, that boy my only good luck (I gotta keep that wood tucked)
Damn, where all the love go? I’m feelin’ like Snoop and Suge ‘nem
All this shit here personal use, they actin’ like it’s a drug bust (Goddamn)
“Veeze a fuckin’ hoodlum, no way no kid look up to him” (No way no kid look up to him)
Came up out the slums, but next house gon’ have a butler (Next house gon’ have a butler)
Know you heard of lil cuz ‘nem, they swingin’ shit like nunchucks
Three hoes on me at once, this shit like Alvin and the Chimpmunks (This shit like Alvin and the Chimpmunks)
Right now it’s six lines on my abs, I ain’t do sit-ups (I ain’t do sit-ups)
Say thanks to my guys, all y’all niggas who wanna hit Trent up (Yeah)
Tired of niggas stealin’ stuff, tell ’em where you got it from
I need something for Fathers Day, I need roses by the dozen
I am not in competition, nigga, I’ll blow your budget
I’m the fucking city Kobe Bryant, you DeMar DeRozan (DeMar DeRozan)

This is not a fire drill, young nigga (I swear to God)
On my motherfuckin’ grandma
This is not a fire drill, young nigga, this the real thing

I just came here to let y’all know
That Veeze is my favorite rapper
The best rapper in the fuckin’ world
You dig?

This is the end of the Lyrics

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