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4 Kobe Lyrics

I be teachin’ you some lil lady
You know, my jewlery stash in the house man
Ya dig, the one and only
I just for the, you know (Yeah)
A nigga that’s different

Calm down, too loud, somebody might just hear us talkin’ (What?)
Lil bitch, lil Veeze goin’ steady, I had to pause it (I cut her off)
He had lil bitch, want a boo, Miley Cyrus (Ooh)
You know that’s Veeze, he the worst, can’t say sorry (Yeah)
Hatin’ ’cause a young nigga ballin’ down to Sterling (Huh)
We ain’t way too late, unload the trucks [?] (Yeah)
Count up all the bumps on yo face, I gotta jury (Stack house)
Put like 30 thousands on yo face, you ever irkin’ me (Yeah)
Might be gettin’ gеrms from sippin’ cups that’s hella dirty (Ugh)
Caught me stickin’ my tongue insidе the pint, it’s a lil perversive (You nasty)
Boy, you know I’m busy, textin’ me twice, you think it’s urgent? (For real)
I ain’t even heared the total, I just swiped before I heard it (Beep)
I’m the type of nigga the cup so red like a surgery (Huh)
You the type of nigga to tell my bitch “He don’t deserve you!” (Lame as nigga)
I’m the type that a bitch like my pic, they really flirtin’ (I’m here)
But me, I’m such a P, I gotta act like I don’t even notice (Ya dig)
I know I be hurtin’ they feelings, I really be doin’ this shit on purpose (Yeah)
I’ve seen you somewhere in my message request, I’m playin’ you like a birdie (Lame ass nigga)
My money so damn old, my stash got kids, they damn near thirty (What?)
Don’t fuck with nigga, he told, I don’t want no pigs inside my circle (Yeah)
I signed so many damn checks, I’m gettin’ better and better at cursive (Better and better at cursive)
I’m rich but now [?], you gon’ die tryna act like Curtis (Hmm)
Tryna flag me down sayin’ “You left yo change”, I honesly don’t want it (I honestly don’t want it)
Got real on hits, got so much gear, no wifey, I think I ain’t got no woman (I think ain’t got no woman)
I’ll give you some time, go home, come back, nigga I know you ain’t got it on you (Broke ass nigga)
Yo lame ass prolly gettin’ pass goin’ to trenches actin’ like you know me (For real)
I’m on the Staples Center, I’m pourin’ pop zip (Wock’)
I’m on the Staples Center, I’m pourin’ purple this for Kobe ([?])
[?] still dead for life, you gettin’ older (Gettin’)
Too many of you niggas want my swag, it’s gettin’ annoyin’ (Yeah)
All these bad bitches drive me out my mind, it’s like poison (It’s like poison)
Movin’ slow, Amiri bandana, ninja turtle (Yeah)
I’m the type of nigga payin’ all cash for my purchase (Fff fff beep)
You the type of nigga askin’ “Is CashApp workin’?” (Man what?)
I’m the type to payin’ 4 hundred a zip ’cause it’s worth it (Yeah)
You the type “Hmm, what you smokin’? Pass that gersky!” (Fed ass nigga man)
You know what the fuck goin’ on man
Ganger 4E, 4L
Still Wavy Gang, all eyes on a nigga

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