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ForbiddenF Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you ForbiddenF Lyrics.

ForbiddenF Lyrics

Verse 1
Yo step back this is the old school flow
I’m the forbidden kid who just born after show
Cut of the hair, the natty boi gone after the fair
To be fair we all want to be fare
Brother, there’s no fare to be a successful person
Just right your manners, to others be fair, be equal, be stupid sometimes don’t care
About a hypocrite and corrupt people, they are forbidden cause they are the upper fucks
You can’t touch them, talk to them, please them
They will let you rot if you’re not on their standards
They will let you die if you stay on the low low
Lahat ay sumablay hindi nagbigay tayo ay bumigay
Kumain o ipakain ka sa mga crows oh, but stay low brotha’
Its the Forbidden truth (mothewhat?!)
They will not tell you the truth (’cause of what?!)
Afraid, for the future I don’t fuckin care but they don’t care about the others
Forbidden words (mothewhat?!)
Keep the eyes sealed tight (for what?!)
So we will not see the reality, if we don’t talk maybe we can be free
Forbid the wrong step (mothewhat?!)
Cause you will get killed if everyone’s a threat
White or Blue collar worker, suck my dick world its the rule of the VASSAGO

Believe On Ya Self
Be A Threat For Ya Self
Be The Danger Walt
Our Souls are forbidden
As luck would have it, have a go at it, on the face of it2nd BeatIntro
I am
I am V (VAGO-!)
Verse 1
Yeah, i am VASSAGO
No flows, but I am trouble
No shows no hoes, oversized clothes
But did it on my own
No them no you so fuck y’all
I can change too, like
You ain’t listening and
Ripping and ending you
Bitch you can’t catch the clues
There’s no blues, you a fool
Fuck the rules
Forbidden, im empty
You can’t catch me slippin’
Slickin’, rickin’
Not behind bars, cuz im sleepin’
No felonies, imma good guy
Fuckin around producin’ the music
Modernity, of y’all stupidity
Understand me, but you can’t catch me
Decipher me, forbidden words
Ain’t shit to say
Not to the political faces
Fuck! but i said it
Mocking the jay
Mimickin you when im on your space
I ain’t a threat, i am a messenger
Im warnin’ yo death
I can’t catch downfalls
When i’m down to thoughts
No one can catch me
Grasp the invisible knots
The bonds and whatever
I started slipinn’, in drought
Thirst, for joy and the feelings
But i’m drinking beer and some shit
For my veins, destroyin or am i insane
Lifestyle? ain’t no cobain
Startin’ to change
Takin it seriously in my own lane
But im mad, catching the fades
In my land, fuckin the game
Watch me risin in mud
Vecna ain’t shit, imma float in a flood
Of blood, bones and brains dawg
Fuck a spliff dawg, we on that east shit, forbidden mothewhat on this shit
Forbidden on this instrument shit
Forbidden on the pad and pull the pad on reverse
2nd Verse
Writing lyrics like its an essay
Its always getting rejected cuz im making it easy
Dont tell me what to do ese
Ill beat you twice cuz you’re still here
You gonna pick your teeth no you can’t hear
Ill bash that ear that you have
No i don’t have too kill you
Cuz if rapping is crime ill do double homicide with this beat too
I’ll even kill myself to make it triple so life’s so fair
Im forbidden give it to Biden, tell him dont be a predator cuz ULT will give him suffer on this bullshit fuckin crocrodile government
You just can’t damn, fuck a pig five o shit
Forbidden words mothewhat
Keep the eyes sealed tight for what
So we will not see the reality if we dont talk maybe we can be free

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