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Blunt Lyrics

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Blunt Lyrics

[Intro: CHRONIC]
Trust no cunts, rolling up some fucking blunts
Rolling up some fucking blunts

[Verse 1: CHRONIC]
Trust no cunts, rolling up some fucking blunts
Fat sesh, zig zags, chilling with my bros smoking cones
You know how it fucking goes, how it goes, leave no ghost
Racking lines on the daily, weed crumbs on my TEC fleece
Neck please, I can’t fuck with you if you ain’t fucking with my team
Rock up to the sesh, it’s a looney scene
Kayden’s racking MD, Matthew on the dexies
Also bro I’m on the piss G, and if they don’t drink they smoking weed
They’re smoking weed, trust no bitches
You can’t fuck with me so trust me B, I don’t think we’re meant to be
And honestly it’s probably me, she’s loving my mеat
She’s loving my steez, she’s begging for mе to cuff her
I’m sorry baby, CHRONIC’s no lover
Weed’s my baby, got no time for another
[Intermission: VANS RAT]
Got no time for another
Showing love to my brothers[Verse 2: VANS RAT]
I’ve been fucking all my shit so pass the fucking lighter
I can’t deal with all these problems so I just get higher
I can’t talk about these issues, I’m a fucking liar
When I’m saying that I’m fine because I’m fucking dying
Not a thing’s changed, fucking up my heart veins
Taking buds and some baccy like it’s okay
It’s not mate, now I’m coughing up the dark shade
It hurts me when I hurt mum, I’m sorry
My endless stressing keeps on hurting everyone that I love
I keep losing all my mentals so I chop up the bud
But the seshes they don’t help the same way as a hug
Thanking baby for the presents, unconditional love
Ma I’m sorry for the suicidal thoughts and above
When I’m hurting I just shut down and I try to give up
All my family is worried and they’re showing me love
I don’t ever wanna hurt em but I’m fucking it up

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