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STEP B4CK! Lyrics

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STEP B4CK! Lyrics

[Part I: UnknOne1]

()I-I’m in your dream like a monster
Damn n***a, you fake, you a poser
We knock these hoes out of (disposal?)
A-and I go dumb like a [?]
Boy jus’ stop cappin’ you know you not him
Fucked up [?] boy you just shoot at the rim
That boy don’t make sense, yeah he sound like a sim
And I got a bad bitch, I think her name Kim
I run it- I run it- I run up the Benjies
If he runnin’ up, get that boo with a semi
I got a white plug, and I think his name Timmy
We hit that boy up, got him doin’ the shimmy
[?] on wock, ay
Be quiet, a teacher don’t talk, ay
I’m mixin’ the [?] with the wock, ay
I told her ‘geek up, don’t stop’, ay
Me and my n***as don’t talk, ay
Y’all n***as, you jus’ gon’ flock, ay
Fly like a bird, no flock, ay
Sippin’, uh, we in the drop, ay
How you a killer but ain’t got no bodiеs?
Sp-spaz on these n***as this shit jus’ my hobby
Uppercut lеft or right, knock a n***a down
I’m the king of this shit, n***as owe me a crown
[Part II: Xakee!]I’m the king of this shit, n***as owe me a trophy
And I rock wit a chop’, this shit is my brodie
Feel like a villain, they callin’ me Loki
Don’t call me yo n***a, boy I ain’t yo homie
I’m the king of this shit, n***a wait, yeah
Bitch I am the king like [?] yeah
Fuckin that hoe, put my thumb in it, uh!
Bullet gon’ take out his gut, okay!
Yeh, I be pistol packin’
He ain’t ’bout that action
I might split his body, now that shit look like a fraction
(okay) we know that boy active
If you want a fee, I’m taxin’
Slide on him
We find that n***a, he’s that boy that we subtractin’
Bullet hit him, finna take off a limb
I never miss, I be feelin’ like him
Got a white shooter, that n***a name Tim
That ho be so wet, finna go for a swim
Look at how long his bitch, [?]
I’m sippin’ on Actavis, n***a try
You don’t wanna face this stick, you gon’ die
N***a don’t wanna face this shit
N***a don’t wanna face this goddamn gun
If I’m up in this shit, I jus’ know he gon’ run
And I still run this shit, n***a I’m never done
And you stealin’ my phone, n***a you is my sun
Imma hop in a-
Hop in a big-ass truck
Imma kill like I don’t give a fuck
Sayin’ he rich but he don’t get a buck
That boy is a hoe, imma keep it a buck
[Part III: UnknOne1]Fuck n***a, what do you mean?
N***a you a fiend
Sippin’ on this lean
Gettin’ to the green
Feel like I’m Dean
… (TBC)

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