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Dropping mothafuckas straight down to the p.i.t
If you fuckin with UNAVERAGE GANG you fuckers R.I.P
Bitch I’m rolling with the shadows
The darkness is stuck inside of me
All up in the cut leave you bleeding
Bitch do not bother me
Catch me burning crosses
Turning these niggas into carcasses
Feening for the feeling of the death
So I’m here to murder shit
Grip my Glock tight
I’m an assassin on the scope
Bitch I’m here to end your life
Leave you leaking on the floor
I don’t give a fuck about the fame
I’m here to run the game
I think my Choppa got the hiccups
And it’s scattering your brain
Swеar that all the voices in my head
Just start to sound thе same
The devil hiding in disguise
I feel him every day
[VAGUE]It’s always runnin thru my mind
To stays the same
Wether it be a couple bodies
Take a shotty to the brain
All the pain that’s always risin up inside of me
You’ll never get the chance to even feel you can confide in me
This shit is hard to say
With the amount that I give away
Passin everyday
I wonder what I can takeaway
This shit is crazy
I feel like I’m goin insane
I’m entering the crazy house
And got bottles of pain
I’m overlookin all the decisions
I made from my visions
It doesn’t matter what I had to do to get my commission
I’m always lookin out
If the game only brings me pain
Then you have to take me out

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