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Ar Territory ( Air Traffic Controller ) Lyrics

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Ar Territory ( Air Traffic Controller ) Lyrics

This is ar Territory tory tory
Our Territory
Our Territory
Our Territory tory tory tory

I’ll tell you a story story story story storyThe world as we know it is changing, and evolving even more technological every 24 hoursDon’t you see the power unfolding the new world order of mechanical followers
Ipaid for an mp3 player I got an ipod, ipaid, I used, I started to act like IrobotYears later Following the doctors orders to get the shot, never conformed, blend in act like a robotAre you programmed under their train of thought ?Adapt, when, free will is gone, tablеs are turned and now I am the onе to control
Mind, body, soul
Sign of illuminati gold
Assume the role, be bold
For we spend time, keep it 100 like a Ben Jamin Ninety Four Point Five were the nights of our lives listening to the launchpad with Hustle Simmons and DJ Geespin
Score the goal walk off win, clutch friends come through
Whoa I think I’m good to go go go go go
24/7 366 on a quantam leap of faith year
Even as I shoot for the moon I catch the suns glare
The elite heirs to the throne become story book legends that is told
Can you keep it a mystery?
When you have too much proof…
Well if ruled the world I’d be damned tooI’d take a bit of time for me to get used toTo make a change, can I change the course of fatePick me Number 1 who can relate?
It is my word that a new world I will createMy envisions for 2028
I jump start your heart, I’m not losing youI love my colors I rep the red, white, and blue, black and gold, Heads will roll face off opportunity to achieve diplomatic immunity in the hearts of the local community while harnessing the power of the Jewelery, show case ing the diamond energy, better be buzzing in the Luxor telly to show me you worthy of the Free company. Cost of effective business marketing made simple by Tyler NichoLas Casey, Q on Playlist Sequences determined to be freestyles in attempting to manifest the destiny of a wild fantasy dreamed up by an adult lv lifestyle, Jolts of electricity illuminate Sin City of God speed limit laws apply please exercise caution when operating a motor vehicle on the Public road system, be aware of the atmosphere care for Tyler’s well being and space your feelings away from his heart for if you play him he will shatter you with the Ace of Spades ♠️ quick reaction will declare him hotter than Hades and Weightless is getting attention from Aftermath record label executives as a dead man walking with the Captains Compton curse wick wack wishful things sure are on the horizon if I sail the seas today I will be capsizing so I stay on Poet Island while the Bloody Red Moon Is A Steadliy Rising, I sing a Pirates Life For Me looking in another mirror recognizing the voice of the future is memorizing that I am the one afraid of dying and apologizing for only the Illumintti survive and that’s not fair to the outside looking in when you realize what a demi God is you will realize what a Demi God is you will begin to idolize and adore symbolize L U C X K Y meant for so much more, the lure of the California Mexican lifestyle hip hopping the cities and beaches exploring and understanding that this is what Jesus teaches. Give you reason to see the tree branch leaves and family ties to construction you’ve got me in your clutches and I can’t break free
See the cards dealt me an opportunity Pushing Ralph Lauren Rugby Polo Christmas presents I stay holding, mind controlling, numerous counts of lightning striking

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