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Steep when you Step Lyrics

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Steep when you Step Lyrics

Fuck it. I’ma get the drop. Play the block
Low key and the lex
17 in the Glock, 33 in the tech
Was 19 on the scene Started seeing success
But they ain’t want someone like me to get next

Hand to treat like chess
Formulate a strategy and reflect
They put my motherfucking feet on they neck
It’s time for me to collect
Address beef violently and direct
My shit is deep You couldn’t see at this depth
Got the reach and the brеath
My technique ain’t nothin sweet you can check
Causе if you ever try to sleep you get sleptIma teach you respect
Mazzi know that this is me and my best
Told him fuck a 16 I need a beat I could stretch
I done murdered everything from CDs to cassette
From radio to TV to live streams on the NetYo This Glock 19 is suppressed
Five fingers of death
I crane kick you leave a crease in your chest
Bloodsport and I compete with the best
Till I’ve exceeded the rest
I bet I’m leaving with a piece of your fleshThey scared of me and my rep
Apparently I’m a threat
Load up a beat I guarantee Im a wreak
This rap shit is therapy for the stress
I’m on top my throne
So watch your feet
Its kind of steep when you step

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