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Form Lyrics

(Verse 1:16)

When I’mFormin’ a sentence it’s more
Than a form of expression, it’s aForceful aggressive force to be
Reckoned with. Better forfeit yourFortunes and fortress before your
Enforcements have met a series
Of misfortunate endin’s. I’ll figure
Four ‘em bend ‘em like it’s time to
Break a leg… but it’s more like
Tuco Salamanca when I beSnappin’ on a track n’ making
Rap a re-imagined genreI’m bumbin’ Bangas n’
Capadonna until the crack aDawn. Then I crack a bottle of
Jack n’ polish that shit off
Before the twelfth toll of the
Bell. My aura’s taintedWith blackened karma. I
Pack an automatic, armourPiercing cop killas filled up
To the top n’ a couple hand grenades
I’m goin’ Buckwild
Diggin’ in the ammo crates. Then I’ll
Shoot the spirit out cha body:
Get you soul clapped when IShow ‘n A.G. 3
HK; a throwbackOld gat’s ‘n old rap but if you
Think the style’s out-dated then:With or without rhymes you’ll
Get bodied and out-lined
(Hook 1:8)So you
Better pay some homage bitch…Or
Imma take some hostagesI’m standing
Taller than an obelisk
Distributing more product than
Los Pollos Hermanos did
Better pay homage bitchOr
Imma take hostagesI’m
Distributing more product thanLos Pollos Hermanos did
(verse 2:16)Writers areQuick to call their shit an
Abbreviated “legitimate” when theirMore than just a little bit
Alliteration illiterate while I’mLiterally the liberation of
Literature in the flesh fresh as1990’s Will
Smith and Jazzy Jeff
(Keep my name out your fucking mouth)
UhhhhNever mind aVerse… you couldn’t
Contend with a sentence; ifHomicidal Tendencies said it your
Senses ascend. We’ll slitCarotids if we’ve got a couple a
Cents for incentive. ThatIntense cutthroat
Intent is intended. So if you’reTempted to step the shock n’
Tension’ll set in as severalMedical attendants are
Sent in attemptin’ to tend to theSeven tendons I severed in your
Neck within tenths of a secondAll followed by forensic
Tents and a sectioned off
Apartment block with a caution
Tape ribbon perimeterEvacuated tenants are
Separated and questioned. ByCelebrated detectives while I’m
Payin’ off authorities. Im theLord of speech that’s sicker than
Incestual orgies
(Ahh that’s siiick, you’re nasty)
I’m standin’ taller than an obelisk

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