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Keep it real Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Keep it real Lyrics.

Keep it real Lyrics

[Chorus: TSM Beeezy]
Keep it real, and imma keep it real wit’ you, huh
Too high off the codeine, don’t know how to feel about you
Diamonds bitin’ on my left wrist, (?) out the tinted window Bentley Coupe
Got that double R on my neck, and Rino got the Patek too
Watch what you sayin’ to me, (?)
I’m bout that money baby, I ain’t bout it baby, I ain’t really hear what you said
I got the Glocks out get to sprayin’
All in your bitch house, she a fan
I play it off cause I’m the man
Just fuckin’ can’t be your friend

[Verse 1: Desire]
I’m tryna take you to see the whole world
I know you’d prolly be mad as hell if I told you “There’s another girl”
Baguettes up in they face, my diamonds hittin’ out of this world
My brudda just went Philippe
Finna go shopping for some doublе C
I’m tryna get me a pound, yeah
Thе bullets really finna strike, if you fuck wit’ me coming from the mound, (Bitch)

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