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[Verse 1]

Been on fire, guess it’s why I got em throwing shade
Price went up again swear this ain’t the other day
They were talking down never say it to my face
I fell em steady pocket watching why they on my case (uh)
They tried to knock me I can’t break
Why these niggas all fake?
That’s why I do my thing
Jack made this bitch bang
I been in the west seen some things you won’t believe
Say it with your chest if you want me to believe (ay)
Why they ain’t impressed in the kid they ain’t believe
I fell through the sky, but still grounded I’m the man
Look me in my eyes if you can not understand
I’m a one of one nigga always kill shit in the booth
They been talking down but they all know what the truth is
Coming for the crown and you know that it’s a movie
Had to shake the lows, that’s the way it goes
And I’m flying high, trying to multiply
Way before I die, see it in my eyes
You can’t be surprised
Look, and I’m
Flying high
Multiply way before I die
You know i need you girlYeah
Ay[Verse 2]I ain’t gonna lie to you
I got no time to be in your world
I already got a main so i don’t need you
All my intentions been see through
I got a main thang got no time to play games
So you can’t play those with me
I gotta maintain I’m still on the same thang
Said you’d be waiting on me
Said you’d be waiting on me
Said you’d be waiting on me

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