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[Verse 1]

It all feel all the same (same)
Moving at this pace (pace)
Dolo in my lane (lane)
Look who I became (cAME)
Tried to hold me back
Like I got detained
Care ’bout action we say screw the talking (woah)
Now they all quiet, they know TRULY focused (focused)
You might get served US open (woah)
My future written I’m no longer hoping (hope)
Step in my shoes and you gone feel the pain (pain)
Been tryna save up for rainy day (day)
The money come thеn it go away (way)
I been praying on some better days
I think I hit it on thе nose
I feel they capping in they posts (yeah)
I hit record and then I go (and then I go)
I hope you make it to the shows (show)
I’ll run the game to get in shape (shape)
Then save the day without a cape (without a cape)
Look I know this life ain’t a race (it ain’t a race)
I’m going fast just to escape (Just to escape)
They start to hate when you get close (woah)
The doc keep changing up my dose
I got some issues and it blows (blow)
I pray to god that ima blow
Aye, yeah
[Chorus]I just had to go harder
Get it started
I just move smarter
Let em party
Game done turned me to a monster
Like the army
Hot as hell but I’m an angel
Need a Harley (woah)
Got em tuning in like cable
Call me Johnny
Ain’t no seat left at the table
And I ain’t sorry
I ain’t sorry

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