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Poisoned Heart Lyrics

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Poisoned Heart Lyrics

Always wanna be with you
I can’t handle this no more
Everyday day drink alcohol
You know what I’m going through
And I’m always call you when I’m faded
Even if I know, that we cannot be together

[Куплет 1]
So I stay alone when it’s dark (When it’s dark)
I can stay alone in the club (Off a pill, off a drug)
With you I don’t need drugs (I need you)
I know you still wanna be mine
I hope everything will be alright
But, sometimes, I just wanna cry
Toxic gas filling in my heart
All that poison made me feel so dumb
Yeah baby everything is fine (Toxic gas in the club)
Drinking lichi with sprite yeah I’m up
You just have another life so I’m down
I just wanna see you yeah wassup[Куплет 2]
Magic rocks lay in my pocket I’ma turn ’em to a nothing
Think I need another pocket for my poisons and new daggers
Copped new pants I made them sagging
Copped new shoes they know it’s pradas
But I don’t know where my heart is
I don’t think can find another (Can’t find another)[Куплет 3]
Smoke new pack I found another
Yeah I have that fairy power
Everything will be alright man
Cause my name is ToxicanT
Leave my worries in the swamp
I call it Venomania[Аутро]
Need to find my wings
I will fly again so high
Lab in Undercity yeah it’s really underground
I can make anything you just need to ask
Need to make a remedy for my broken heart

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