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Josh´s Song Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Josh´s Song Lyrics.

Josh´s Song Lyrics

(Verse One )
(Tori Lexington)
Oh Baby It´s Been A Day Since You Have Been Gone
Not A Day Goes By When I Think About Those Days We Were Together
I Miss His Kiss And His Smile And The Way He Said Hey Babycakes To Me At Night
Oh Baby Come Home To Me Pleaseeeeeeee
I Wanna Be Home With My Love
He Is My Buggy Wuggy My Dream Boy
My Baby Who Loved Me Right
I Wish He Didn´t Have To Leave Out Of My Sight

(Verse Two)
(Lindsay Skye )
Missing You Is So Hard On The First Day
Wish You Didn´t Have To Go Away
It Hurts When You Somеone You Love Just Fades Away
It´s Gonna Bе Okay
Your In A Better Place
It´s Okay Its Hard On The Next Day
I Miss You Baby
Please Come Home To Me

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