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Take Back America Lyrics

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Take Back America Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I look at them poor people in England
Speakin’ in that accent every day
With their silly British voice
They don’t know they got the choice
To pronounce their words the proper ‘Merr-kin hway!

I look at them broke folk a-thievin’
Thinkin’ fire departments grow on trees!
If I want my house burnt down
To the soily, salted ground
Shouldn’t that be chief amongst my liberties?
Or have we been taken over by the anti-fire Nazis?
It’s time we take back America
For those who know what’s bestTake back America
Those with heartbeats in our chestTake your mistakes back, America
And to hell with all the rest
Whoa America, America, America[Verse 2]
I look at them unborn babies dying
Billions lost with each vasectomy
Scarlet men think they can choose
Give ‘em life and they refuse
Man, this country sorely needs to get back on key! Ke- key! Ke… keyI look at that fraud Stephen Hawking
I wonder where he gets the gall
To pretend his legs don’t work
Just to make our feelings hurk
I’d like to turn him upside-down and watch him crawl
And when I’m done with that I’ll take this country back once and for all![Chorus]
It’s time we take back America
Put the Godless on a boat
Take back America
They’re Satanic as a goatLet’s make the snake hack America
Up from it’s snakey Satanic throat
Oh America, America…[Bridge]
America is full of cowardly schemers
Tryin’ to tell me I can’t buy a tankBut America is also full of hopeful dreamers
Tryin’ to fulfill my destiny to flatten the blood bank!
Vampires live there![Verse 3]
Some people say God didn’t tell me to steal a bunch of explosives from the back of a truck and blow up the vasectomy clinic
I’m a Goddamn Christian man
With a revelatory plan
Y’know, some folk say there ain’t no God at all…
Well, I’ll be right here when the dust clears to tell of America’s rise and fall…And rise again![Chorus]
(Welcome) back America
You’re a zombie at your core
We’ve gotta take back America
From the sickly and the poor!Let them eat cake snacks, America
Kill ‘em all to just make sure
Oh America, America, America[Outro]
Let this be a country of one!
America, America
(Bomb sound effect)It’s all mine, all of it! I can finally read as many Bibles as I…
(Sound of glasses breaking)
My glasses… well that’s not fair… that’s NOT FAIR!

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