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She’ll Come Crawlin’ Back Lyrics

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She’ll Come Crawlin’ Back Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Don’t worry, it’s a foregone conclusion
She’s sufferin’ from a brain disease called confusion
Any minute now she’s gonna see the light
Surrender the fight and come home tonight, that’s right

She’ll come crawlin’ back
Fulla tears and sorrow
She’ll come crawlin’ back
Prob’ly by tomorrow
She’ll wanna beg and grovel but I’m gonna take the high road tonight
[Verse 2]
Damn wicked women, won’t letcha hate ’em
They force you into a corner ’til you make an ultimatum
I don’t know how this started, but I know how it ends
She’ll admit to her friends that she was wrong again and then[Chorus]
She’ll comе crawlin’ back
Full of adulation
She’ll come crawlin’ back
How was your vacation?
It’s only been five days, havе a little patience tonight[Bridge]
Well, she’ll come crawlin’ back
I’m serious as a heart attack
Just like the baby she isGet me some Tylenol
Am I talkin’ to the wall?
Look at me, what’s wrong with you?
Do you wanna have to crawl back too?[Guitar solo][Verse 4]
I’m sorry, I don’t know why I said that
I musta misheard you, and got it through my head that
You had the audacity to take her side
Well, I’d usually let it slide, but my hands are tied! I tried!
She’ll come crawlin’ back
Maybe so will you, sir
She’ll come crawlin’ back
Beggars won’t be choosers
But if I letcha get me down I just might lose her tonightYeah, she’ll come crawlin’ back
Thinkin’ she was clever
She’ll come crawlin’ back
Lookin’ fine as ever
It’s only been five years, better late than never tonight![Interlude]
One more time, boys!
She’ll come crawlin’ back
Knowin’ not to talk back
She’ll come crawlin’ back
If only she could walk back
It may have seemed a little harsh, but I’d just got my Glock back that night[Outro]
I was just testin’ it out! I said I was sorry!
It was just the base of your spine, woman. Walk it off

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