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Movie In A Movie (Love Theme From All Critics Must Die) Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Movie In A Movie (Love Theme From All Critics Must Die) Lyrics.

Movie In A Movie (Love Theme From All Critics Must Die) Lyrics

[Verse 1]
A maniac
Plans his next attack
He craves him some killin’ and murderin’

He sees some teens
He thinks, “Cool beans”
Soon victim number one is lettin’ out a blood curdlin’ screamThe director views it all on a view screen from off screen
He’s drinkin’ whiskey from a paper cup
As maniac number two sneaks upHe raises his machete with maniacal laugh
The director yells “Cut!” and gets CUT STONE COLD IN HALF![Chorus]
Movie in a movie!
Sneakin’ up from behindIt’s a movie in a movie
Murder for show
Or did we just blow your damn minds?[Verse 1]
A buncha ghosts
Sit around, engrossed
Watchin’ that guy get bisectеd
It’s movie night
At the house of fright
Thеy talk about the shot and how it ties to connected themesThen the Ghostbusters bust through the flat screen and cross streams
They blow up the whole universe
And all of the survivors get a deadly curseIt’s all being seen at a theater on fire
By a trio of teens, one of whom is a vampire![Chorus]
Movie in a movie
Recursive cinema
It’s a movie in a movie
Strap in for the ride
The movie’s inside
Of a…[Bridge]
Movie ‘bout an angel who falls from above
Who wipes out all humanity and learns how to loveInside a film about a zombie who yearns to be free
Inside a re-imagining of Mac and Me
Inside a Holocaust musical with songs by Drake
Inside a Smell-O-Vision Nature Trail To Hell remakeInside an outer space pirate flick with Shia LaBeouf
Inside a biopic about the life of Shia LaBeoufInside an buddy cop flick where Jason Statham cries
Inside a romantic comedy where everyone diesInside an inspirational sports film about hackeysack
Inside the long-awaited prequel to Kangaroo Jack!Movie in a movie in a movie![Verse 3]
The audience
Confused and tense
Is wonderin’ just what the hell was thatThe internet
Won’t soon forget
To never make another movie like that because that suckedAnother victim of a bad script, bad timing and worse luck
But wait! Amid the sea of hate is one lone guy
He says “I kinda liked it!” and gets crucified
He vows revenge on every critic, and every review
And when he’s resurrected
It’s filmed and directedThat director gets filmed by a behind the scenes crew
And the cycle begins anew![Chorus]
Movie in a movie
Nobody knows what’s what
It’s a movie in a movie
We all start to groan
And crawl up our own freakin’ butts!Movie in a movie
So much for my career
It’s a movie in a movie
So far up we crawl
I think we might all disappearMovie in a movie
Nowhere to run or hide
It’s a movie in a movie
The fuse has been lit
It’s time to commit criticide
‘Cause we all know ALL CRITICS MUST DIE!

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